Testing (whether you have it now)

Health Worker Testing – Primary Care

Local testing arrangements for BNNSG pharmacies


This is an update on COVID-19 staff testing.  You may be aware than a national online portal was recently launched, allowing key workers from various sectors to book COVID-19 tests at facilities across the country, including at Bristol Airport.

There are now four main routes for booking your test, including the local booking system we recently shared.  Workers from all sectors, along with those over 65 with symptoms, and household members with symptoms are advised to choose the most appropriate route from the Testing Options Flowchart.  Booking information is also included on the flowchart.

Local testing facilities are open seven days a week with a significant testing capacity.

Details of eligibility and the booking process for the gov.uk online portal, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, and North Bristol NHS Trust routes can be found on the flowchart, while more details of the Local Co-ordination Centre (Bristol Airport) booking route are included below and in the attached nomination form.

Please note: all nominations MUST be submitted before 1330hrs for the possibility of next day test appointments.  It is essential that information supplied is accurate including phone contact details, and in the case of the Local Co-ordination Centre route, that details of anti-coagulant medicines and personal circumstances are added to help facilitate your booking.

Booking a test with the Local Co-ordination Centre:

1.       This is facilitated by a central booking service based at Severnside Local Co-ordination Centre, which will receive and organise testing requests. To register team members’ test requests please click here to complete the form and email to brisdoc.bnssglcc@nhs.net.

2.  Severnside LCC will determine which testing centre your team members should attend and will pass their details on. They will prioritise pharmacists requests so that they are tested via a local NHS testing facility either with NBT or UHBW.  This will facilitate getting the test and receiving timely test results. The testing centre will contact team members individually to confirm details and book a test date and time. Note: supplying correct contact details is vital.

3.  If team members are asked to attend testing facilities they will be asked to make their own travel arrangements. However if you have specific transport requirements, care needs for family members, or other concerns, please contact brisdoc.bnssglcc@nhs.net and we will try to assist.

4.       Please be assured that patient confidentiality will be maintained at all times in the process before, during and after testing.  A Data Protection Information Assessment and Privacy Notice is available, please contact louise.fowler3@nhs.net for details

What happens afterwards:

Those who are tested will receive a text or phone call with their results.

National Testing


Frontline workers, including community pharmacy staff in England, can access free testing for COVID-19, via the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) national testing service.

Testing will allow those currently unable to return to work because they or a member of their family or household have symptoms of coronavirus to know whether they do have the virus.

As you will be aware the National Team launched two national systems (self-referral portal and employer referral portal) allowing NHS employees and Health Workers to book tests, please note these booking systems will provide you access to the drive through testing facilities.

We are aware that not all primary care staff are able to travel to one of these facilities, as you will have heard on national news, mobile testing units have now been established.  Further details on “How do NHS employees get a test for COVID-19” is available here

To access the self-referral portal please click here . Employers who wish to register to be given access to the employer referral portal please email portalservicdesk@dhsc.gov.uk requesting access.

To continue to support Primary Care Contractors including pharmacy teams to access testing within your area the local Health System may have established local testing sites if you are able to access this directly your Local Pharmaceutical Committee will have shared this information with you (see above)

Could you please ensure that you continue to notify the Primary Care Team if you have any issues with service delivery during this time.

Pharmacies based in Gloucestershire, BNSSG, BSW please notify – england.bgsw-pharmacy@nhs.net