LPC Constitution

LPC Constitution

Contractors unanimously  approved the new Avon LPC constitution at the AGM on the 8th September 2021 – to download click here.

For information on the key responsibilities of Avon LPC click here.

July 2021 proposed constitution changes

In light of the Wright Review and the potential changes to pharmacy representation as both National (PSNC) and Local (LPC) level, PSNC has advised all LPCs to revise their constitutions to allow the existing four year committee term to be amended to five years (this cycle only).  Without this change, PSNC and LPCs would be about to embark on the process of re-electing their committees for the 1st April 2022 whilst simultaneously reflecting on the outcomes of the Wright Review.

Avon LPC has revised the current 2014 constitution to take into account the PSNC advised wording changes and this was unanimously approved by the committee on the 14th July 2021.

Pharmacy contractors are now required to vote either via the postal vote (click here for the link) or in person at the AGM in September (click here for the details).  For the new constitution to be adopted, greater than two-thirds of the votes received need to be for the change.

Download a copy of the proposed constitution – Draft Avon LPC 2021 Approved Constitution for AGM