About us

LPC Members

The officers of the committee are : Gerald Zeidman (Chief Officer), Coll Michaels (Chair – Calverton Pharmacy, Luton) and Nishil Shah (Vice Chair – W Cheeseman & Son Ltd, Ampthill, Bedfordshire)

Members of the committee may be elected or appointed for 4 yearly terms. These are taken from :

Multiples who are represented by the Company Chemists’ Association (CCA). The CCA represents the largest businesses engaged in community pharmacy and has nine companies in membership. They are –  Boots, Well Pharmacy, LloydsPharmacy, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WM Morrison Supermarkets, Asda, Rowlands Pharmacy and Superdrug.

Smaller Multiples who are members of the Association of Independent Multiple pharmacies (AIMp) which represents the interests of companies with between 5 and 300 branches.

Independent contractors  who are individual pharmacy owners.

Each member is either elected by contractors or appointed by the CCA or AIMp as appropriate. Between elections, should a vacancy arise, the committee can appoint an independent contractor. We currently have 4 CCA, 2 AIMp and 6 Independent contractor representatives on the committee.

These are as follows :

CCA Representatives : Gordon Ross (Boots Pharmacy), Rupal Sagoo (Tesco Pharmacy),  Joseph Taple and Daisy Darkwa (LloydsPharmacy)

AIMp Representatives: Nazlin Meghji (Avicenna) and Indira Panchal (Meiklejohn Pharmacy, The Village Pharmacy, Berkeley Pharmacy and Shortstown Pharmacy)

Independent Contractor representatives: Amit Lakhani (Bishopscote Pharmacy, Luton), Mahesh Shah (The Mall Pharmacy, Luton),  Kiran Patel (Medigreen Pharmacy, Bedfordshire) and Ronak Maroo (Janssens Pharmacy, Bedfordshire).

Other staff who support the LPC in their work and are employed or engaged by the committee are :

►Paul Fearon – is engaged by the LPC in the role as treasurer.

►Ethel Shaw provides administrative and project support in the LPC office as BedsLPC Business Manager