The BSol committee

The Birmingham and Solihull LPC (BSol LPC) committee was formed in 2018 by the joining of two previously separate LPCs (Birmingham LPC and Solihull LPC). The committee consists of 9 independent Pharmacy contractor members that are elected by independent contractors. Additional places on the committee are filled by nominations from the Company Chemists’ Association (CCA) and Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp).

Committee members currently consist of:

Heather Elliott (CCA) – Chair

Heather is a CCA Representative and the Chair for Birmingham and Solihull LPC. Heather has been CCA rep for both Solihull and Birmingham LPC’s separately for a number of years before the merger. She has worked for Boots for 19 Years and is interested in Pharmacy Services, Care Homes, Career Progression for Pharmacists and the AMR Agenda


Jeff Blankley

I spent 38 years working for Boots UK, exiting the business in 2017. My early career was entirely devoted to Pharmacist Store Management roles culminating in 7 years as Store Manager at the Merry Hill Regional Shopping Centre store in Dudley. In 2004 I became a multi-site manager before moving into the pharmacy support line as Regional Pharmacy Manager for local pharmacies in Wales and the West Midlands where I was responsible for  pharmacy operations, standards, patient care, patient safety and commercial outputs. My final few years with Boots business enabled me to focus on external relationships as the Healthcare Development Manager across several areas in England. During the time I was active of several LPCs as a CCA rep, particularly in Birmingham where I chaired the LPC from 2015.
After leaving Boots, I was invited to continue the Chair role as an independent and when the role of Chief Officer was separated from the Chair’s role in 2018, I have continued to work in the LPC under the control and guidance of the chair. During this period, Birmingham and Solihull LPCs merged, locally commissioned services have been developed and support offered to the community pharmacy contractors around payments, standards, contracts and control of entry issues. I look forward to continuing in this role whilst making a positive contribution to the community pharmacy network in Birmingham and Solihull.


Tom Wedgbury (Secretary)


Harj Sadhra (Corporate Governance Officer)

Harj has worked in community pharmacy for over 29 years. He has held various Pharmacy manager roles within Lloydspharmacy, and then worked his way to Area & Regional Manager positions were he was accountable for delivering business commercial objectives, and leading field teams. Recently in the last 2 years he has worked with various NHS Acute Trusts, and private hospitals, so has a good understanding of the NHS structure and strategic plans.

He is now an independent Business Consultant in the Healthcare Sector and also working with various LPC’s as an Governance Office


Carol McNidder (Treasurer)

Carol has worked in Independent Community Pharmacy for over 40 years as a manager. She was on Solihull LPC for over 15 years as an Independent representative serving first as Treasurer and for the last 10 years as Secretary.

Sandeep Dhami (AIMp)

Qualifying from DeMontfort University in 1996, I have a strong passion for pharmacy. I am currently a member of Community Pharmacy Wales, Association of Independent Multiples and have been on Birmingham and Solihull LPC for a number of years.

Manpreet Dhanjal (CCA)

I have worked in Community Pharmacy for a number of years and started off my career with Boots. I enjoyed being part of the Blue team in different roles from being an MCA through to pre-reg and then Store Manager, Area Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist Deployment and Development Manager.

In 2015 I joined Superdrug as Regional Healthcare Manager and thoroughly relish being part of a small but upcoming corporate. Throughout my career with Boots and Superdrug I have been a CCA representative on various LPCs including Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Solihull separately. I enjoy being part of the changes within Pharmacy and championing for a positive change within our profession.


Sushil Melwani (CCA)

Sushil Melwani, National Sales Manager MASTA Travel Health and Pharmacist for LLoydsPharmacy.

  • BSc Pharmacy graduate (2002) from La Laguna University (Tenerife, Spain).
  • MBA Aston University (2006)

Sushil joined LloydsPharmacy in 2002 and has undertaken a wide range of sales, clinical, operational and project management roles in his 17-year career. Roles such as Pharmacy Manager at various pharmacies in Birmingham, Area manager also in Birmingham, Healthcare Development Manager (Midlands-working closely with NHS Trusts) and currently as National Sales Manager for MASTA Travel Health part of the McKesson UK family. He has also supported community pharmacy through the active participation in Birmingham Local Pharmaceutical Committee for the last 9 years.


Chetan Parmar (CCA)

I have worked for Lloyds Pharmacy for most of my professional career. Having previously managed stores within Lloyds Pharmacy, I gained experience in delivering and promoting pharmaceutical services to the community that it serves. I currently work as a Professional Support Manager within LloydsPharmacy, which allows me to support teams on contract compliance and monitoring, local enhanced services, and other appropriate locally commissioned services.

I have a keen interest in supporting and guiding local pharmacies to deliver enhanced services that have been commissioned. I believe I can represent and support our contractors to promote local pharmacy and to help the sector prosper.


David Gallier-Harris (CCA)

I qualified as a pharmacist in 1999 and have worked in a variety of community pharmacy settings across the sector. I joined Asda Pharmacy in 2009 as a pharmacy manager. I am a member of the Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Programme Board and have been a CCA rep on Bsol LPC since 2018.

I have a passion for the community pharmacy sector particularly around service development and implementation.


Len Dalton (Independent)

I’ve been a Community Pharmacy Contractor for over 30 years., spending 29 of those years as a contractor in Solihull. I worked as a chair of the Local Pharmaceutical Committee in Solihull for 20yrs and  also currently workas a director of the provider company for community pharmacy across 11 LPCs Central Health Solutions Ltd.

I am passionate about what community pharmacy contractors and their pharmacy teams can deliver to transform the NHS and continue to work as a contractor delivering clinical services in Solihull


Ameet Pancholi (Independent)

I curently own a small group of pharmacies and opticians within birmingham and staffordshire and have sat on BLPC for a number of years.  During my time, I have held roles such as workforce development, stakeholder engagement and Vice Chair. I am passionate about community pharmacy and supporting contractors to embrace the changes (and challenges!) ahead of us.


Zahid Chishti (Independent)

Registered 1985

Worked as a manager for small independents in Birmingham for 10 years. Completed an MBA at Aston University in 1990. Joined the RPSGB as an Audit facilitator (new role in those days in early 90’s) and became a CPPE tutor a role I carried out for 5 years.

Bought my first pharmacy in 1995 a small ESP in Birmingham.  I subsequently bought  Sparkbrook Pharmacy where I have now been for 20 years.

Joined the  LPC over 15 years ago to champion fairness and opportunity for Birmingham independent community pharmacies. Took on the role of Lead Pharmacist 2005-7 at the  Birmingham Drug Action Team and helped develop the Needle Exchange and Supervised Consumption Services. Qualified as an Independent Prescriber in 2007 and worked in a local surgery for 5 years helping patents with substance misuse issues.

Trained 10 or more (I’ve lost count) pre-registration students .

Change has been a constant, but I still have the drive and enthusiasm for pharmacy as I always have.


Mukesh Paul (Independent)


Sanjeev Panesar (Independent)

Since qualifying in 2009 I have worked in both Independent Pharmacies and multiple groups in the Community Pharmacy sector. I became a Superintendent Pharmacist for a chain of Pharmacies in 2011 and have had experience dealing with a range of responsibilities, including legislative and personnel issues and ensured that each Pharmacy operates safely and effectively, adhering to the standards and code of conduct set out by GPhC and fulfils the contract requirements set-out by the NHS.

I have been a member of the LPC since 2014 and feel that although community Pharmacies are facing challenging times, it is now also being recognised for the value and skills it can offer to the NHS presenting an ideal opportunity for Pharmacy to contribute in a constantly evolving, patient-centred NHS. 


Abbas Esmail (Independent)

Having studied Pharmacy at University of Portsmouth and graduating in 2008, I have always worked in the community pharmacy. Initially as a locum and then managing my own pharmacy.
I am an Independent member of the Birmingham and Solihull LPC and my interests are service development within the sector.

Mohammed Eshak (Independent)

I have been a community pharmacist for 28 years, beginning my career with Boots and then moving to owning my own pharmacy and then operating a small group of pharmacies. I have pharmacies in various geographic areas which allows me to share learning and experiences from other LPCs. 

Pharmacy has faced significant challenges in recent years with more to come. I am passionate about taking pharmacy forward in these challenging times.

Mushtaq Ismail (Independent)

I qualified as a pharmacist in 1981 and since then I have always worked as a pharmacist in various positions of responsibilities and in different settings. Each of the jobs presented its own challenges and complexities which has helped me to enhance my personal and professional portfolio.

In 1984 I joined a small independent pharmacy group as their area manager with a combined responsibility for multiple pharmacies.

In 1986, I purchased my first pharmacy in Walsall which was a fairly neglected business and by the time I sold the Pharmacy in 1996, I had successfully managed to increase its turnover by 100%. This helped me to become more resourceful and during these ten years, I utilised my skills, experience and expertise to further develop this line of commercial enterprises, which largely included purchasing neglected pharmacies and turning them into profitable businesses. These ten years gave me experience in buying pharmaceuticals, negotiating with various wholesalers and manufacturers, property managers and pharmaceutical companies.

Currently I own one Pharmacy in kings Heath , Birmimingham

I have now been a independent  member of the LPC for the past 8 years.  As an LPC we look after all the Pharmacy contractors in the Birmingham area.  This includes companies with multiple branches such as Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy, as well as smaller independent Pharmacies.  The LPC’s main responsibility is to assist Pharmacies achieve and support their contractual obligations and negotiate with the Primary Care Trust of the NHS for better contract terms and new enhanced services, as required by the Primary Care Networks

David Zeitoune (Independent)

David has had varied experience in hospital and academic pharmacy before settling in community with a number of years as a manager of both independents and multiple pharmacies. A contractor for nearly 8 years he was previously a member of Solihull LPC before the merger.


Laura Freeborn (Note Taker)


Vanessa Morley (Service Support Officer)

Vanessa has over 15 years of  community pharmacy experience. She has been involved with various major projects for Lloydspharmacy.  Recently joined Birmingham and Solihull LPC as a Service Support Officer.


Kahinat Begum (Service Support Officer)

Experience of working in different sectors of pharmacy, has given me an insight into the increasing challenges pharmacies face and the driving force to fully support pharmacy development. I am a hardworking Services Development Officer committed to supporting contractors to develop new pharmacy services. Always ready to take up a challenge!