What we do

Birmingham & Solihull LPC is the statutory local representative body of community pharmacy contractors in Birmingham and Solihull. It is recognised by the NHS for this purpose.

The LPC represents contractors on all matters to do with the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework and associated Regulations (commonly referred to as “the contract”).

The LPC reflects and puts forward the professional views and aspirations of all pharmacy contractors engaged in the provision of NHS community pharmacy services in Birmingham’s and Solihull, liaising and working with local NHS commissioning organisations, the Local Authority and other statutory and non-statutory bodies. It also works closely at a national level with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee which, in many ways, has the same range of responsibilities which it carries out nationally.

One of the main roles of the LPC is to to represent and communicate with community pharmacy contractors throughout Birmingham and Solihull. The LPC is involved in the negotiation of Local Enhanced Services for contractors (such as Services for Drug Misusers, Minor Ailments Schemes, Smoking Cessation Services, Sexual Health services) and endeavours to negotiate the very best contract for all of the contractors which it represents, whilst recognising that the decision as to whether or not to take part in any service always remains with the individual contractor.

The work of the LPC is financed by statutory levies payable by all of the contractors which it represents, calculated in proportion to their main NHS prescription income (Net Ingredient Cost). The global amount of the statutory levy payable by Birmingham and Solihull contractors is set periodically by the Committee and is kept under constant review to ensure cost-effectiveness.