LPC emails

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August 2020:

Informal Drug Alert

Checklist for contractors if a staff member(s) is/are tested Postive for Covid-19

NHSE/I National Covid-19 Antibody Testing Programme for NHS Staff

Public Health England: Better Health Campaign


July 2020:

Informal Drug Alert: Evidence of harm from illicit or fake benzodiazepines

Reminders and Update

Informal Drug Alert

Flu vaccination training providers

Contractual and Regulatory changes during the pandemic

Controlled Drugs Local Intelligence Network (CD LIN) Update

Smoking Cessation Update

PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit

Electronic Repeat Dispensing Webinar

Contractor Alert – Targeted Reserves


June 2020:

CGL Drug Alert – Mamba

Contractual Clinical Audit 20/21

Does Vitamin D have a role against Covid-19

Aquarius: Substance misuse support for young people

Informal drug alert: Bad batch of Heroin & Crack

Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Birmingham Substance Misuse Update

Fraudulent Activity

Post Covid Update


May 2020:

Public Health Update new campaign

NPA call to action

Checking NHS Emails

Smokers and Covid-19

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)


April 2020:

COVID-19 Home Testing

Palliative Care and End of Life Care – Drug Supply

Government Business Grants

LPC News alert – COVID-19 Update

ALERT: Recent activity around controlled drugs

Perspex Safety/Hygiene screens


March 2020:

COVID-19 and CGL

COVID-19 Update

CPCS Training Events

Umbrella Training Requirements

Coronavirus: Standard Operating Procedures

New stop smoking resources available now

CPCS Training events

Smoking Cessation Training Workshop


February 2020:

PSNC and LPC contractor survey

PCN Lead Directory

Public/Bank Holiday Opening Intentions

Coronavirus Guidance

PSNC and LPC contractor survey

Drug Alert – MDMA ‘Red Bull’ Ecstasy tablets

Fizz Free February in Birmingham

PSNC and LPC Contractor Survey

Primary Care Networks – PCN Leads

Change Grow Live – Hub details


January 2020:

PQS Declaration – BE AWARE

Primary Care Networks – PCN Leads

Solihull Substance misuse service claims

Umbrella Tender Information

CD Bulletin special edition Tackling Fraud

CPCS Training

CPCS Traning

Umbrella Training Dates 2020

Data Security and Protection Toolkit


December 2019:

Delivery of Dry January materials for mandatory campaign

2020 Public/Bank Holidays – opening intentions to NHSE

RPS Antimicrobial Stewardship

Upcoming CPPE Events

Revised Payment Schedules

Antivital Medicines in Primary Care

Controlled Drugs Update

CPCS non sign-ups


November 2019:

PQS Gateway Criteria Deadline approaching

Change of NHS 111 Provider Details CPCS

CPCF Newsletter 5

Reminder: Bsol Contractor Event


October 2019:

PCN Contractor action stage 2

Urgent Contractor Action

Reminder: BSOL Contractor Event

Birmingham Street Link & Health Xchange

Pharmacy Support Pack

IMPORTANT: BSOL Contractor Event

Sign Posting Alert

Promoting Flu Vaccinations

CPCS Workshop

PCN Newsletter 3

CPCF Newsletter 4

MYS/CPCS Urgent Action



September 2019:

MYS/CPCS Urgent Action

Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) – PCNs – Contractor Action

Research Project Opportunity

Message From Police And NHS Counter Fraud Team

Manage Your Service (MYS) registration

Medicine Supply Issues – Keeping G.Ps Informed

Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) Newsletter 3

Manage Your Service (MYS) registration

Umbrella Stakeholder Celebration Event

Smoking Cessation Training Dates

Umbrella Stakeholder Celebration Event

Pharmacy Cross Sector Workshop



August 2019:

BSol Flu training

Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) Newsletter 1

Primary Care Networks newsletter 2

Message from CGL

Smoking Vouchers

Fraud Alert Process Map and Key Contacts List

Drug Alert – SPICE

CPPE Roadshow Events

Antimicrobial Resistance Training

Umbrella Celebration Event

New course on GPhC Revalidation

Additional Flu Training Event



July 2019:

CPPE Atrial Fibrillation Event

Leadership Training – Mary Seacole

Drug Tariff reimbursement reforms

Flu vaccination training

Closure of Scala House

Solihull Drug and Alcohol Service

Primary Care Networks (PCN) Presentation

Virtual Outcomes 2019 Flu engagement training

CPPE/RPS revalidation events

PSNC News Alert

Flu vaccination training

CD liquid balance discrepancies

Healthwatch Birmingham Annual Report

Drug Alert from Warwickshire Police

PCN contractor meeting

Contractor Update: Serious Shortage Protocols

PCN contractor meeting

August Bank Holiday opening hours



June 2019:

MUR reminder

CPAF screening survey update

MDMA warning poster

Umbrella Newsletter and service update

Primary Care Networks (PCN) newsletter

CPAF screening survey update

Controlled Drug Bulletin – NHS Arden and GEM

Safeguarding online training

NHSmail shared account access



May 2019:

Annual COPD Update Invite

Thrive into work engagement newsletter

Online CD Reporting Tool

CPPE Events

Patient Advice – Fasting In the Month of Ramadan

Smoking Cessation Newsletter and Workshop

The Role of the Pharmacist in the Asthma Patient Pathway

Support for MANDATORY Child’s Oral Health Campaign

Important Changes at CGL



April 2019:

Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) – Paperwork Completion and Submission Guidance  2018/2019

Guidance for registered pharmacies providing pharmacy services at a distance, including on the internet.

BSol LPC Services Development Survey

Virtual Outcomes: Childrens Dental Health Training

Contractual Reminders

Pharmacy Advice’ Campaign Evaluation Survey

BSol LPC Services Development Survey

Service Development Officers -Introduction



March 2019:

B Sol LPC supporting change in the community pharmacy network in Birmingham and Solihull

Flu 2019/20 Plans

Shortages: Is there anything you can do?

Virtual Outcomes Online Training – Preventing Falls: NOW LIVE

Thrive Into Work Newsletter

Rescheduling of Gabapentin and Pregabalin as Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs Guidance: For Urgent Action

GPhC Unannounced Visits and Revalidation Framework Event

NHSE guidance on preparing for a ‘no deal’ EU exit

CPPE events

CPAF, paperwork completion and submission guidance

Controlled Drugs via EPS

No Smoking Day

Invitation to Smoking Cessation Training Workshop – Wednesday 6th March 2019

Quality Payments: Last day to make your declaration!