LPC Meeting dates and Minutes

The LPC usually meets on the third Monday of each month for a full day meeting. If you would like to attend any LPC meeting, please contact the LPC secretary to confirm attendance and venue details.

Please note however, that some LPC business may be confidential and you may be asked to leave the meeting room for a short period whilst such matters are discussed privately.  Thank you.

Please click on the relevant date for the minutes of the open part of the meeting:

2019 LPC meeting dates and minutes:

Monday 18th February

Monday 18th March

Monday 15th April

Monday 20th May

Monday 17th June

Monday 15th July

Monday 16th September

Monday 21st October

Monday 18th November

Monday 16th December


2020 LPC meeting dates:

Monday 20th January

Monday 17th February

Monday 16th March

Monday 20th April

Monday 18th May

Monday 15th June

Monday 20th July

Monday 21st September

Monday 19th October

Monday 16th November

Monday 21st December