EPS Smartcards

Access to Electronic Prescriptions and other functions (such as patient nominations) under EPS R2 can only be carried out with an RA01 Smartcard. Any staff members of the pharmacy team who will download EPS R2 prescriptions as part of their role MUST have their own RA01 Smartcard – it is PROHIBITED under the terms of issue to use another person’s Smartcard or allow such use of your own Smartcard in order to access EPS R2 prescriptions or any other process.

Please click here for further information on smart cards on the PSNC website

For any smartcard related issues or queries, including obtaining a new smartcard, unlocking smart cards, accessing SCR or anything else, please contact the local smartcard team:

NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

West Midlands Contact details

Email: mlcsu.servicedesk@nhs.net
Telephone: 0121 411 0411