Sexual Health

Umbrella Sexual Health Services:

As part of the government’s initiative to implement e-procurement, in 2016 University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to commission Sexual Health Services from Pharmacies.

The electronic procurement process is now live and any pharmacy wishing to be included in delivering services will need to apply electronically to be admitted to the DPS. Once this is complete the provider will be able to “bid” for the services. Only those who have been successfully admitted to the DPS will be able to bid for the services. The opportunity to apply to be admitted to the DPS will remain open for the life of the DPS, however until you are admitted as a provider you will not be able to tender for the “Services”.

Please click here to view the full invitation letter if you are interested in tendering for the service. Once you have read the invitation letter, please find links below for all of the relevant documents referred to in the letter:

DPS Application for Admission

Draft Invitation to Tender

Draft Tender Response Questionnaire

Annex 1 – Service Specification

Annex 3 – Target Number of Pharmacies

Annex 4 – Pharmacy Services Subcontract

Annex 5 – Birmingham Ward Map

Umbrella Concerns / Complaints Resolution – Service Specification

UHB incident and SI process – Service Specification

UHB have also run several events to inform contractors of the tendering process. Please click on the links below to view presentations that were used by UHB along with a list of common Q&A’s following these Pharmacy Partner Engagement events:

Presentation for New Providers