Smoking Cessation

Existing providers of the Smoking Cessation service can continue to provide the service as normal. Birmingham City Council are willing to consider requests from new providers who feel there is a demand for the service in their Pharmacy. Requests for new contracts will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please click on each of the links below to see the PGD’s, Service Specification and other documents associated with the service to get more detail of what the service entails:

Service Specification

Champix PDG

E-cigarettes trial

E-Cigarettes information

Please contact Debbie Bowen or Kathy Lee if you are interested in providing Smoking Cessation services within your Pharmacy (Birmingham Contractors only):


Smoking Cessation Voucher Scheme:

Serperate to the Smoking Cessation Service, all Birmingham contractors are allowed to participate in the NRT and E-cigarette voucher scheme. Please find details of this scheme below that was communicated to all contractors via Pharmoutcomes:

“I am writing to notify you that Birmingham Stop Smoking Service will be introducing of a new NRT/ E- cigarette (EC) voucher scheme starting the week beginning 1st July 2019. The scheme will be open to ALL Birmingham contracted and non-contracted pharmacies.

– You do not need a contract or SLA to supply NRT/EC under this voucher scheme
– A professional fee of £2 is paid for each voucher presented which Birmingham City Council will pay quarterly
– The pharmacy is reimbursed at the drug tariff price plus VAT at 20% for the NRT product supplied.
– The pharmacy will be reimbursed £20 (EC starter kit) and £5 (EC consumables) for EC voucher costs

Instructions for dispensing voucher:

o Check date issued. IMPORTANT: If client has brought the voucher in to be redeemed, check that the date issued is within 28 days. If over 28 days, the voucher is void. Request client to contact the stop smoking practitioner that supplied them the voucher.

o Check NRT/EC requested by the stop smoking practitioner is in accordance with the exclusion criteria

o Check any comments from the practitioner

o Enter voucher details onto PharmOutcome “NRT/EC voucher template” including NRT/EC supplied – not active until the 1st July 2019

o The pharmacy must ask any person who makes a declaration that they are exempt from paying prescriptions to produce satisfactory evidence of such entitlement.

o If client pays prescription fees, collect prescription charge and record on PharmOutcomes.
Please read attached voucher protocol, I have also attached a copy of the voucher being issued.”

If you would like to participate in the voucher scheme or have any queries please contact so your pharmacy can be set-up on Pharmoutcomes to claim for the service.

Voucher Scheme

Voucher Scheme Flow Chart