Repeat Prescription Guidance (CCG)

Further to a letter that has been received by most pharmacy contractors accross Birmingham in November 2014, please find the below repeat prescription guidance issued by Birmingham Cross City Clinical Commissioning Gorup.


Figure_of_eight_ordering_procedure_BSC – Repeat prescription processes -A figure of eight recommended ordering flow diagram.

Repeat_Prescription_Code_of_Practice_-_V4_June14_BSCCG[1] – Repeat prescription processes A code of practice setting out expectations for pharmacists, GPs and patients


BSC_CCG_repeat_ordering_letter_July_2014_-2-_-Autosaved[1] – Letter produced by BSC for GPs, pharmacists and home delivery companies regarding repeat prescription processes which has been produced in collaboration with Birmingham Cross City CCG . The LMC and LPC have been consulted during the production process