Smoking Cessation

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Birmingham City Council has supplied a list of contractors that have NOT completed their Smoking Refresher training.

Commissioner Mark Roscoe has said:

“The contractors have been given a very lenient date of 31st October to complete by, but I would stress this should be done as soon as possible. Those not completed by this date will be suspended and no longer able to deliver the service or make claims.”

The LPC is keen to have all providers actively delivering this service and would urge all those listed to go online and complete the training. Please read the messages posted by the council on PharmOutcomes.

With the changes to the smoking cessation arrangements (no BCHT support), community pharmacy is ideally placed to deliver more quitters and provide compelling evidence to the council to RETAIN this service in the long term.

Please click here to read the letter sent on PharmOutcomes from Birmingham City Council attached