Quality Payments: Directory of Services Checker

Quality Payments: Directory of Services Checker

April 4, 2017

NHS England has published the Directory of Services (DoS) checker as referenced in their quality criteria guidance.

The DoS checker has been created to assist community pharmacy contractors in meeting the DoS quality criterion, which requires, on the day of the review, that a pharmacy’s NHS 111 DoS entry is up to date.

Please note the process to follow to update your DoS profile, is different to that stated in the NHS England guidance. Contractors should follow the process on the NHS England website; the process is also listed below:

  1. Visit the DoS checker website.
  2. Enter either your ODS code (F code), postcode or pharmacy name to search for your pharmacy. Not all pharmacy DoS profiles are linked to their ODS code currently. Therefore even if a profile comes up for your pharmacy when you search by ODS code, you should also search for other profiles for your pharmacy using the pharmacy’s postcode and pharmacy name as your DoS entry may be made up of more than one profile (e.g. if you offer an urgent medicines service, minor ailments scheme etc. then your pharmacy will have a separate DoS profile detailing this).
  3. If you cannot find your pharmacy after searching using all three fields, please email england.communitypharmacy@nhs.net with ‘DoS’ in the title, for further assistance.
  4. Click on the profile for your pharmacy or one of the profiles if more than one is listed for your pharmacy.
  5. Check that the information displayed for your pharmacy is accurate.
  6. Make a note of any inaccuracies and keep this information. Your local NHS 111 DoS Lead will be in contact for this information at a later date.
  7. If there is more than one profile listed for your pharmacy you should repeat steps 4-6  for each profile listed.
  8. The survey form must then be completed. Please note, even if your DoS entry is up to date, you will still need to complete the survey form to confirm you have reviewed your DoS entry. The results of the survey will inform your local NHS 111 DoS Lead that you have checked your DoS entry and will let them know where changes need to be made.
  9. Once the survey form has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email which should be retained as evidence that this quality criterion has been met.

Although the quality criterion states ‘On the day of the review, the pharmacy’s NHS 111 Directory of Services entry is up to date’ NHS England has confirmed that as long as the above process is followed, contractors will meet the quality criterion for the April review point even if changes are not made to a pharmacy’s DoS entry by the local NHS 111 DoS Lead by the April review point.

Local NHS 111 DoS Leads are developing systems locally to improve how updates to the DoS are made. Local DoS leads will communicate with contractors separately about this after the declaration period for the April review point closes.

PSNC resource

PSNC Briefing 017/17: Quality Payments – How to meet the Directory of Services quality criterion provides an overview of how to achieve the DoS quality criterion of the Quality Payments Scheme.

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