It is important that you keep up to date with the rapidly changing environment at this time. Public Health England, the Department of Health and PSNC have developed a range of resources to support community pharmacy and the wider health care system that the whole pharmacy team should be aware of.

Please ask the LPC for support when needed and report immediately any changes to period of treatment on prescriptions, or any incidents, especially where pharmacy teams may be being put at unnecessary risk.

Covid-19 testing for community pharmacy key workers

Please see our COVID-19 testing page for further details.

National Pandemic Delivery Service

In a letter published on Friday 10th April NHSE&I launched the Community Pharmacy Pandemic Delivery Service and associated changes to the Terms of Service for shielded patients.

The service consists of two parts: one essential service and one advanced service.

Full details can be found on the PSNC website.

Key Resources

The key resources can be accessed here and we will continue to signpost to them as a primary resource:

Keep an eye on your NHSmail shared mailbox on a regular basis for updates from the NHS E&I local area team leads

What is your LPC doing?

  • Working with LPCs across the region to ensure maximum support to contractors
  • Ensuring you are provided with the most up to date information
  • Updating the LPC business continuity plans to ensure you are fully supported over the coming months
  • Raising concerns with PSNC, NHSE and other relevant bodies
  • Meeting with local health providers (CCG, Local Authority, Drug Service, Area Team) to ensure community pharmacy is considered in local planning arrangements and to allow us to feedback concerns

Availability and use of PPE

The LPC has received a number of queries regarding the use and availability of PPE.

The latest available information on facemask use is available here with further PPE details on the PSNC website.

In the event that stocks are not available through the national supply route please see details of the Local Resilience Forum in the Covid update from 4th May.

Changes to prescribing by Dental Practices

Please download this letter to see the recommendations made to Dentists across Greater Manchester with regard to prescribing during the pandemic.

Pharmacy Hygiene Measures

The simplest way to prevent onward transmission of the virus is good hygiene. You must ensure that:

  • You wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water.
  • You use a disposable tissue to catch a cough or sneeze, immediately discard it into the waste bin and wash your hands with soap and warm water.
  • You must ensure waste from the waste bin is disposed of in a bin liner which is tied to prevent waste spilling out. Wash your hands with soap and warm water after disposing of waste bags.
  • You must clean surfaces which have had patient contact more regularly throughout the day using an appropriate sanitiser/ disinfectant/ alcohol surface wipes.

Use the Catch It, Bin It, Kill It Poster linked below.

Local Signposting Resources

Local Signposting Resources

Healthwatch Bolton have collated a range of local and national signposting information which you may find useful.

Visit their website for further information.

LPC Posters

The LPC has developed a range of posters that you may wish to use in your pharmacy over the coming weeks:

Pharmacy Closed Poster

Restricted Access Poster

COVID Poster

Pharmacy Triage Leaflet

Be Kind Poster

Advice Leaflet / Poster 

Social Distancing

If you are part of a multiple group please seek the permission of you area manager before using.

National Posters & Leaflets

LPC COVID-19 Updates

Please access your shared mailbox for the regular updates from the LPC.