NHS Mail

Community pharmacists must be able to send and receive nhs.net emails (NHSMail) from their shared premises account in order to meet the gateway criteria for Quality Payments. If you don’t have NHSmail shared mailbox in your pharmacy, you will not be eligible for ANY Quality Payments.

  • If you’ve not applied for a shared NHSmail account, please click here to access the NHSmail portal for both NHS Shared mailbox and linked personal accounts. (Note: Pharmacy staff in multiples should check with head office first, as some are doing this centrally.)
  • Once you’ve completed registration via the portal, NHS Digital will send you log-in details for the associated personal NHSmail accounts. Activate these as soon as possible to make sure they’re active.

If you have any problems applying, registering or setting up NHSmail (e.g. you can’t see your pharmacy on the portal), contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net

If you wish to add people to an existing NHS mail shared mailbox please contact the GMHSCP at England.gmtop@nhs.net

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of Pharmacy
  • ODS code
  • Name of person needing access
  • Mobile number of person needing access
  • Personal e-mail address of person needing access

Please note: All Correspondence from the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership will be sent to your shared mail  address.

Further guidance