Healthcare workers should pause the NHS COVID-19 app when at work

Healthcare workers should pause the NHS COVID-19 app when at work

October 11, 2020

For those who have downloaded and are using the NHS COVID-19 app, NHSE&I advises healthcare workers to pause the app while working in a healthcare building, such as a hospital or GP surgery. This includes an NHS community pharmacy. The app should also be paused if working behind a fixed Perspex (or equivalent) screen, which is big enough to provide adequate protection.

Further advice for healthcare workers can be found on the NHS website.

If healthcare workers test positive for coronavirus, NHS Test and Trace will assess whether relevant healthcare staff have been at risk of contracting coronavirus, and whether anybody else should self-isolate. Generally, these assessments are undertaken by the Public Health England (PHE) Local Health Protection Team. Accordingly, if a member of pharmacy staff tests positive for coronavirus, contractors are advised to ensure that the pharmacy’s case is managed by, or escalated if necessary, to the Local Health Protection Team for an assessment that considers the individual circumstances of the pharmacy.

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