New Lockdown Requirements for Greater Manchester        

New Lockdown Requirements for Greater Manchester        

July 31, 2020

The new local lockdown rules which restrict separate households from meeting each other indoors came into force at midnight last night and include several areas in the North-West including Bolton.

See here for government press release: and the full government guidance here:

The announcement was made at 9pm, Thursday 30 July. From the information currently available this does not suggest that this directly impacts community pharmacy.  Bolton LPC is asking NHSE&I for clarity on this.

The increasing trend in the number of cases per 100,000 people our area serves as a reminder that COVID-19 remains current and that we all need to remain vigilant.  Bolton LPC key advice for pharmacies is below.

Use of Facemasks by Pharmacy Staff

On the 24th July, Public Health England (PHE) updated its guidance on the wearing of facemasks in primary and community health care settings. In summary, the recommendation is that all pharmacy staff now wear facemasks, unless the pharmacy is COVID-19 secure, including all staff being able to maintain a social distance from one another.

Read the updated PHE guidance

The recommendation is for a Type l or Type ll face mask to be worn to prevent the spread of infection from the wearer. If Type IIR face masks are more readily available, and there are no supply issues for their use as personal protective equipment, then these can be used as an alternative to Type I or Type II masks.

Test and Trace

An increase in cases across the region increases the chance that a member of your pharmacy team will contract COVID-19 and therefore the pharmacy be contacted by Test and Trace.

Since the launch of the Government’s NHS Test and Trace programme, a number of pharmacy teams across England have been asked to self-isolate in accordance with the service.

We suggest that contractors read the  PSNC Briefing 022/20: NHS Test and Trace – Key points for contractors as Q&As.  This briefing provides further information on the programme, gives advice on patient and staff contacts, and outlines the relevant mitigations that may help to avoid the need for whole pharmacy teams to self-isolate if one member tests positive for COVID-19.

The GM Health and Social Care Partnership has also sent GM specific guidance to contractors this week. Download a copy here.

If your pharmacy is impacted by Test and Trace please inform LPC by emailing:

Information on how to access COVID-19 tests in Bolton is on the LPC website website here:

Contractors are reminded they should refer to the NEY COVID19 Cover Letter for SOP Minimising nosocomial infections in the NHS, emailed to all pharmacies by NHSE&I on the 23rd June.  This included a SOP for Minimising Nosocomial Infections in the NHS on which slide 22 specified community pharmacy actions to be taken if a member of staff tests positive for coronavirus – which includes an obligation to inform the pharmacy commissioning team in NHS England.

Review your social distancing and infection control procedures

You may wish to review your social distancing and infection control procedures. We can all get used to living and working in a “new normal” situation and people’s consciousness of the need to maintain social distances at all times may reduce and consequently new or additional measures at each pharmacy may need to be taken to ensure distancing is maintained wherever possible on an ongoing basis.Regularly reviewing processes can increase the safety for staff and patients, and reduce the risks of the pharmacy team being asked to self-isolate as part of test and trace.   When undertaking the review pharmacy teams should consider the risks to and from all staff, including locums and delivery drivers.

COVID-19: Need Help or Support? Get in Touch with Us

Bolton LPC are here to support you, providing advice and information on COVID-19, as well as pushing to make sure your work is properly recognised and fully supported throughout this pandemic.

If you want help or support, or would like to share any information / positive stories, please email

Information in this update is correct at the time of sending. This is a changing situation with evolving guidance and information. Up-to-date information and advice is available from PSNC at:

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