PQS – Less than one month to go

PQS – Less than one month to go

January 5, 2020

There is now less one month to go before the window opens for you to make your declaration for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) payment.

You must use the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service portal to make your declaration between 9am on 3rd February 2020 and 11.59pm on 28th February 2020.

On the day of making your declaration, you will be required to declare that that you meet the four gateway criteria and that you meet the domains you are claiming payment for (except if you plan to meet the Sugar Sweetened Beverage quality criterion by 31st March 2020).

Many of you are well on your way to meeting the gateway criteria and some if not all of the domains for the PQS.

For further resources from PSNC please see the  PSNC Briefing 059/19: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – PSNC resources, which highlights all the resources available from PSNC.

The  NHSBSA declaration data is available to download on a weekly basis to check whether the national datasets show your pharmacy has met three out of the four gateway criteria (please note you needed to have met the NHS website gateway criterion and the Directory of Services quality criterion by 30th November 2019).

If your pharmacy is showing as not having met the Advanced Services or NHSmail gateway criteria (but did meet the NHS website gateway criterion by 30th November 2019), you should take corrective action as soon as possible to ensure you meet these gateway criteria by the day of your declaration.

PSNC has also recently updated and added new PQS FAQs; these can all be found at: psnc.org.uk/pqsfaqs 

Please contact the LPC if you require further support and guidance.

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PSNC have published a number of FAQs for the new CPCS service. Access them on the PSNC website.