PSNC Audit: Pharmacy teams asked to take part to inform funding negotiations

PSNC Audit: Pharmacy teams asked to take part to inform funding negotiations

June 18, 2020

PSNC is asking community pharmacy teams to take part in an audit that will capture information about all of the advice that pharmacies are giving to patients and local communities.

The audit has been tested by a small group of pharmacies to ensure it is easy to carry out, and it can be carried out as one of pharmacies’ contractual (clinical) audits for 2020/21. Pharmacies will be asked to carry out the audit on a single day in the week commencing Monday 29th June.

Apart from referrals via the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), patient consultations are not recorded anywhere, but from anecdotal reports we know that they are having a significant beneficial impact on local communities, patients and the wider NHS.

The audit will help us to assess how many of these informal consultations are happening and their positive impact on the patient and wider health care system, and this evidence will be used to support the ongoing funding negotiations, including PSNC’s ask for more investment in the sector.

Full details of how pharmacies can take part, including the audit template, guidance and a recorded presentation, will be available one week in advance of the audit week (on Monday 22nd June).

The audit is being led by Richard Brown, working at PSNC but also an LPC Chief Officer. It has been designed to be as straightforward as possible for pharmacy teams to carry out and tested with a small number of pharmacies in the south west of England.

Actions for pharmacy contractors

Full information and guidance on the audit will be posted on the PSNC website next week. In the meantime, contractors are asked to plan to take part in the audit – you may like to choose which day of the week commencing Monday 29th June your pharmacy will carry it out on.

Please make sure that you are signed up to PSNC’s emails to ensure that you receive the latest updates as they are made available:

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