Improving Inhaler Technique Through Community Pharmacy

This service is commissioned by NHSE Greater Manchester and started date 1st August 2017.

Getting Started:

  • Read the service specification and address any learning needs
  • Read the service guide
  • Develop your SOP. A template is available below
  • All pharmacists to complete DOC on the CPPE website and keep a copy in your pharmacy

Check your resources. Do you have:

  • ACT and CAT forms printed
  • A range of placebo inhalers
  • An Incheck Device and mouth pieces
  • Consultation forms (remember you can add data directly to PharmOutcomes

All you then need to do is brief your staff, put up your posters and send the briefing to your local practices.

Below you will find links to a range of documents to support service delivery in your pharmacy

 Essential Documents
Service Level Agreement & CHL Handover Letter

Inhaler Technique SLA 2017



Service Specification  Inhaler Technique Service Spec 2017
ACT Form  Asthma Control Test
CAT Form  CAT Form
CAT User Guide  CAT User Guide
SOP (Please Note: This is a template SOP which you can adapt for use in your particular pharmacy. It should be reviewed (in conjunction with the service specification) agreed and signed off by your pharmacy superintendent before implementation. Pharmacists providing the service must be familiar with the service specification before providing the service.  Template Standard Operating Procedure
Service Guide  GM Improving Inhaler Technique Through Community Pharmacy Service Guide
Consultation Form – Including initial and follow-up visits and consent  Inhaler technique Consultation Form Final
Information Sheet for patients Inhaler-service-patient-info-flyer


Documents and Resources To Support Delivery
GP Briefing  GP Briefing
CPPE  Various e-modules are available to support Declaration of Competence:

Asthma UK Resources
Cancer Research UK CancerResearchUK
Be Clear on Cancer
 NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary – Asthma
 NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary – COPD
 BTS Guidance – Asthma
Promotion Poster and Stickers

Inhaler Service Poster

Inhaler stickers

Got a Question about this or any other service?

Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee is happy to help.
Contact: Louise Gatley (