HLP, Health Promotion, Campaigns & Signposting

The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) framework is a tiered commissioning framework aimed at achieving consistent delivery of a broad range of high quality services through community pharmacies to meet local need, improving the health and wellbeing of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities.

For the February 2019 Quality Payments Scheme, 9,535 pharmacies in England declared that they were an HLP Level 1.

Essential requirement by 1st April 2020
Community pharmacy contractors will be required to become an HLP Level 1 by 1st April 2020 as agreed in the five-year deal between PSNC, NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care; this reflects the priority attached to public health and prevention work.

Pharmacy Quality Scheme
Achieving HLP level 1 (self-assessment) is also part of one of the quality criteria for the 2019/20 Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) – the new name for the Quality Payments Scheme. Further details on PQS can be found on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme hub on the PSNC website.

This section of our website guides you through the process of achieving HLP Level 1 and delivering it successfully in your pharmacy. The links on the left-hand menu provide further information to help you deliver HLP in your pharmacy, including: Mandatory health campaigns for 2019; local health profiles & JSNAs; useful links for signposting/advising patients; and Health Champion resources.

Check your HLP registration

If you previously registered as a HLP via the RSPH you can check the date of your registration here – please note the registration is valid for 2 years only.


HLP Leadership training needs to be attended by someone in a leadership capacity; this is usually  the pharmacist. It can be face to face training days or distance learning via CPPE.

The Health Champion training (one whole time equivalent) can be attended by any member of your pharmacy team, including healthcare assistants and technicians, ideally it should be a member of the staff working on the counter who has the time for brief conversations with patients whilst they wait.

PSNC Resources

PSNC has published the following resources to assist contractors on their HLP journey:

  • PSNC Briefing 033/19: How to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1;
  • HLP Level 1 checklist
  • HLP Level 1 Evidence Portfolio
  • HLP Level 1 flow chart
  • PSNC Briefing 032/19: Healthy Living Pharmacy – Holding a health promotion event/campaign
  • Checklist for holding a health promotion event campaign
  • Event campaign questionnaire

All documents and other resources are available for download on the PSNC HLP Hub.

For further support please contact the LPC Chief Officer louise.gatley.boltonlpc@gmail.com