Dear colleague,

The details below provide everything you need in one place in order to complete the actions you need in order to claim the £300 Set up and engagement Payment via MYS (click here to download the the zip file. Note the file is large but everything you need is in one place within it except for the link to the video of the webinar for those who couldn’t attend **):

The Pharmacy London LPCs have been working together to support all contractors with GP CPCS, this includes:

  • The contractor webinars on GP CPCS (& producing online links to recordings of the webinars for those unable to attend) which fulfil a requirement for contractors to be able to claim the £300 the engagement and setup payment via MYS.
  • Engaging with GPs, PCNs, CCG, ICSs & NHSE to support the implementation & roll out of GP CPCS.
  • Producing a comprehensive ‘document pack’ for CPCS, updated in line with the new NHSE Service Spec & toolkit– everything you’ll need in one place; and this includes:
    • a comprehensive template SOP & training material.
    • all the information you’ll need on how to claim the £300 the engagement and setup payment via MYS.


**The link to the recording of the webinar hosted by the LPC on 9th Feb 2021 is:

– if you did not attend the webinar it is important to watch the recording as it fulfils a requirement for claiming the £300 the engagement and setup payment via MYS.


>>> The document pack can be downloaded here <<<

>>>> Below is a summary of the documents in the document pack (the essential documents are marked in red, other documents are included for completeness & fyi):

1. Pharmacy London – CPCS Info, Guidance & Checklist (including GP CPCS) – for Superintendents V2Final 21Feb21

includes –

  • Summary of key actions & info for Superintendents / owners / contractors – Includes how to register for CPCS (if not done already); background on CPCS Pharmacists learning & development requirements needed for all pharmacists new to the CPCS services (eg newly qualified pharmacists)
  • GP CPCS Implementation Action Plan – needed to be in place to be able to claim the £300 GP CPCS engagement activity funding.
  • £300 GP CPCS engagement activity funding – what is needed & how to claim it.

2. Pharmacy London Template CPCS SOP (including GP CCS) v2 Final 21Feb21

This is a Comprehensive SOP, based on the NHSE CPCS Service Spec & Toolkit, so covers both these off — So, by going through & implementing the SOP the requirement to read the NHSE CPCS Service Spec & Toolkit are covered off.

The Appendix includes:

  • Summary of Dx & Symptom codes for CPC;
  • Key message to understand about CPCS; Key contacts;
  • and Information from Guidance documents for General Practices:
    • this is a summary of all the NHSE GPCPCS guidance-most CPs will not need to read this, but will be critical for LPCs & any pharmacists thinking of approaching / supporting surgeries with GP CPCS rollout & implementation locally (so they understand GP CPCS from the surgery’s point of view & understand what the surgery has to put in place & the governance requirements for the surgery)- it is written in a SOP format, so could be given to surgeries as a template SOP for them to use.

2.1. Entering CPCS telephone consultations correctly on Sonar v116Dec12

This is guidance which was written as there were significant numbers of unclaimed CPCS referrals through pharmacists misunderstanding how to correctly enter consultations on Sonar.

3. Pharmacy London CPCS Pharmacist Learning & Development Requirement Checklist v2 21Feb21
This is the checklist each pharmacist that is delivering CPCS needs to go through (nb all pharmacists must complete the NHS CPCS self-assessment framework, which is part of the CPCS NHS declaration & signing up process)

4. CPCS One Flow Chart Service Summary – for GP CPCS & NHS 111 CPCS – standalone copy from the SOP

5. CPCS (Minor Illness) Patient Flow & CPCS (Urgent Meds Supply) Patient Flow – standalone copy from the SOP

6. NHSE CPCS Service Spec (additional GP referral routes) vFinal Draft (Nov 20) -nb covered off in the SOP

7. CPCS Key Contact Details (‘Annex C’) – On 2 Pages v16Oct19 – taken from the SOP but provided as a standalone doc if pharmacies want to print it out (as asked by contractors for this previously)

8. NHSE CPCS CP Toolkit (v1.4) vDraft Oct 20 – nb covered off in the SOP

9. (Template) Slides from Pharmacy London GP CPCS webinar (v3) – updated slides from the PL LPC webinars

10. CPCS – urgent supplies of Controlled Drugs & Emergency Supplies (21Feb21) – a summary of Emergency Supply regs (produced as a learning resource following several incidents related to supply of CDs via CPCS)

11. NHS Video Consulting with patients a quick guide Feb21 (C0638) – an NHS infographic on guidance on Video Consultations, provided as a learning resource if helpful (but not a requirement of the service spec)

Section 12 is the NHSE GP CPCS docs for GPs. It is just provided in the document pack for information if any pharmacists want it, as several have asked for it). It is NOT a requirement of the Service Spec to review this (but would be v useful for LPCs & any pharmacists supporting GP mobilisation)

  • 12.1 NHSE GP Pathway Clin Gov doc v1.0 (for GPs)
  • 12.2 NHSE NHS CPCS GP PCN Toolkit v1.8 (for GPs)
  • 12.2.1 NHSE CPCS conditions sheet (what is sutable to be referred by surgeries & what is not)
  • 12.3 NHSE FAQs v1.3 (for GPs)
  • 12.4 NHSE GP referral pathway implementation slides v1.0 (for GPs)
  • 12.5 One Page summary for GPs on GP Referral to GP CPCS from NHS Northamptonshire CCG
  • 12.6 NHSE NHS CPCS Implementation checklist v1.2 (for GPs)