10/0921 – Registration Required: PQS Sept 2021 in a Nutshell/GPCPCS/DMS Update & Notice of LPC A/SGM meeting 7.30pm 23 September 2021

C&H LPC Notice of AGM & SGM 2020-21 and voting paper


C&H LPC 2020-21 Annual Report & Accounts Final


PQS/LPC Update Meeting

We’re delighted to confirm we’ve secured the following speaker for our PQS LPC Update meeting on 23 September 2021 19.30 (meeting link below)

  • David Onuoha, PSNC Service Development Manager – PQS In a Nutshell
  • LPC Update

Please also find attached the C&H LPC 2020-21 Annual report and accounts.

This has been another year of unprecedented change. We are hoping you will support the committee in its work and approve its annual accounts. The Treasurers Report within the attached LPC Annual Report provides an accompanying narrative for the accounts.

Attached is a voting form to allow INDEPENDENT pharmacy contractors (CCA and AIMp members will vote centrally) to cast a postal vote on the 2020-21 LPC accounts that will be presented at our AGM on the evening of 23rd September 2021 (details below) at:

City & Hackney LPC PQS/GPCPCS/DMS Update & A/SGM

When: Sep 23, 2021 07:30 PM London 

CLICK HERE to register in advance for this meeting


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

At the AGM/SGM, we will be voting on the 2020-21 Annual Accounts and the proposed Draft revised 2021 LPC Constitution as below.

This special meeting of contractors is being called to amend the LPC Constitution to allow the Committee to delay the elections for LPC membership by one year. Currently Members Term of Office expire on 31st March 2022. However, proposals for change about the future model of local and national contractor representation and support, are likely to be put to a contractor vote within the next year. For this reason, the Committee and PSNC considers that the elections should be delayed until later in the year when the new model of support has been determined by the sector. To achieve this, we propose to amend the Constitution of the City & Hackney LPC as follows:

Existing Clause – 13. Term of Office

  • Subject to paragraphs 14 and 16, members of the Committee shall hold office from 1 April in the year of the election or appointment for a period of 4 years.

New Clause – 13. Term of Office

  • Subject to paragraphs 14 and 16, members of the Committee shall hold office from 1 April in the year of the election or appointment for a period of 4 years. [Except that the term of office starting on April 2022 shall be postponed until 1 April 2023 and current LPC members shall hold office for a period of 5 years.] 

How to vote on the 2020-21 LPC accounts and proposed revised 2021 LPC constitution

Click HERE to download a copy of the proposed constitution.

Click HERE to download a copy of the 2020-21 C&H LPC Annual Report & Accounts

Independent Contractors ONLY (CCA and AIMp members will vote centrally) can vote by:

Electronic votes only please. All votes must be received by 5pm 22 September 2021.

Best wishes
Yogendra Parmar
Chief Officer Support on behalf of City & Hackney LPC
PO Box 1254 | Cambridge | CB1 0YB | Mobile: 07737081273 | Website: http://psnc.org.uk/city-and-hackney-lpc/

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