Information for patients

Information for patients

Community pharmacy teams may increasingly be asked by patients about the possible impact of Brexit on the supply of their medicines. Below is some information that pharmacy teams may like to signpost patients to.

PSNC resources

PSNC has developed a range of resources to support community pharmacy teams and LPCs in discussing these topics with patients, prescribers and others.

Support for LPC members on handling media queries is available here (LPC Members Area login required).

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) statement

Update on medicines and medical products supply as we exit the EU
This update provides further details of the preparations underway to minimise disruption to the supply of medicines and medical products in a no-deal EU Exit.

NHS information

Getting your medicines if there’s a no-deal EU Exit
This page on the NHS.UK website contains information for patients on how they will be able to access their medicines and medicinal products in the event of a no-deal Brexit. It outlines how the Government, NHS and medicine suppliers are working together to ensure continuity of supply and how GPs and pharmacies are supporting that.

Preparing for EU Exit: Medicines frequently asked questions
NHS England has published this series of FAQs to support healthcare professionals in answering queries from patients about medicines supply as the UK prepares to leave the EU. It answers key questions on what will happen to medicines supply and what patients should (and shouldn’t) do to help prepare.

Preparing for EU Exit: Medicines
This accompanying message for healthcare providers describes DHSC’s work in preparing for a no-deal Brexit and describes what healthcare professionals need to do to support this work.

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