Clinical audit

Clinical audit

Contractors must undertake a clinical audit each year, the topic of which they choose. In addition to this pharmacy-based audit they must also complete an audit on a topic that has been determined by NHS England. 

NHS England determined audits

Since the introduction of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework in 2005 community pharmacies have been required to carry out an annual audit where the topic of the audit was determined locally by the Primary Care Trust or latterly by the local NHS England team. It was agreed that in 2014/15, rather than audit topics being chosen by local NHS England teams, one nationally agreed audit would be undertaken by all pharmacies on the emergency supply of medicines.

PSNC believes this represented a good opportunity for the sector to demonstrate the importance of its work in this area and the positive impact that pharmacy emergency supplies can have in reducing the demand for urgent and emergency services such as out of hours GP care, NHS 111 and Emergency Departments. The audit may also be useful in helping pharmacies to identify patients suitable for the repeat dispensing service. The results of the audit contributed to building the business case for the commissioning of the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service.

Archive – Information on the 2014/15 CPCF national clinical audit on emergency supply

The 2019/20 NHS England and NHS Improvement determined audit

NHS England and NHS Improvement has not yet released details on their 2019/20 determined audit.

The 2018/19 NHS England determined audit

On 24th October 2018, NHS England published the paperwork for the 2018/19 NHS England determined national audit; this must be completed by all pharmacy contractors.

The focus of the audit is the provision of advice to people with diabetes on the importance of them receiving an annual seasonal influenza vaccination. The audit has been timed to take place during the flu vaccination season, so that people with diabetes can be encouraged to be vaccinated and where they have not yet been vaccinated and the pharmacy offers the NHS flu vaccination service, they can be offered a vaccination at the pharmacy.

Further information on the 2018/19 CPCF national clinical audit on flu vaccination for people with diabetes

Pharmacy chosen audit

The annual clinical audit, the topic of which is chosen by the pharmacy, can focus on an appropriate topic of relevance to the practice of the individual pharmacy team. Guidance on undertaking clinical audits can be found via the link below, alongside template audits developed for use by pharmacy teams.

Q. Must I send the results of my pharmacy chosen clinical audit to NHS England?
No. It is not a requirement in the terms of service to send your pharmacy chosen clinical audit results to NHS England. However, pharmacy contractors should be prepared to demonstrate they have carried out a clinical audit (as required by the terms of service) at the time of any contract monitoring visit carried out by NHS England.

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