PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit

PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit

2021 Pharmacy Advice Audit

Thank you to all the pharmacies that took part in the 2021 PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit. The response has been fantastic with over 50% of pharmacies across England engaging in the audit. This evidence will be vital in the ongoing negotiations relating to the pharmacy contract and the vital role each community pharmacy plays in delivering care for their local community.

Richard Brown, who led the audit for PSNC, said: “This is a great achievement and I would like to extend my gratitude to all the pharmacies who took part, along with the Head Offices who prioritised this important piece of work as part of their delivery schedules. I would also like to acknowledge the work the LPCs undertook to promote the audit and the support they offered their contractors to encourage completion. Without everyone getting behind the audit it would not have been nearly as successful.”

Work is now underway to analyse the data and prepare the report for the PSNC.

Background to this audit

Community pharmacy contractors and their teams are being asked to take part in a second PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit. Please make sure you submit your data by COP Friday 12th February 2021.

PSNC is increasingly concerned about the pressures that pharmacy teams are under during the COVID-19 pandemic and also about reports that general practice teams are referring patients to pharmacies for consultations informally, rather than via the agreed Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) route.

This audit will provide a critical temperature check – the data will allow PSNC to quantify how many unfunded GP referrals are taking place, and it will tell us more about impact that COVID-19 is having on pharmacy teams and on the advice that patients are seeking from you. This will provide crucial evidence for our ongoing funding discussions with HM Government and the NHS.

As last summer, pharmacies taking part will be asked to record data about patients coming into pharmacies seeking informal advice, but contractors will notice some changes to the questions this time around to give us data on more topical issues, including on pharmacy resilience. We are interested to get a sense of how significant workload and staffing pressures are currently.

We would be hugely grateful to anyone able to take part in this audit.

How to take part

To successfully complete the audit, pharmacy teams will need to:

  1. Record patient/customer interactions where advice was given by either a non-pharmacist team member and/or a pharmacist.
  2. Carry this out for at least one day, recording all consultations. (To be a valid audit, each pharmacy needs to achieve at least 20 consultations, therefore a small number will need to continue for a second day.)
  3. Estimate the percentage of consultations that were recorded during that time period (this is to recognise that some consultations may be missed).
  4. Rate your confidence in the advice given to help identify areas for improvement to reflect on post-audit.
  5. Enter the data on PharmOutcomes. (If a contractor has not used PharmOutcomes before, log in details can be obtained by sending a message to the PharmOutcomes helpdesk.)

Paperwork and guidance

The PSNC audit has been road-tested by ten pharmacies to make it as simple as possible to carry out. It can be carried out in just a single day. The following resources have been developed to support contractors and their teams in preparing to undertake this audit.

Team Briefing Sheet
The briefing sheet sets out the criteria for inclusion, what needs to be recorded and how to reflect on your pharmacy’s results. It also answers some frequently asked questions as identified during testing with a small number of pharmacies.

Audit Template
The audit template provides a simple way to record the required data, making things smoother for data entry onto PharmOutcomes.

Digital guide
This short video describes what the audit aims to capture and how pharmacy teams can participate. It also outlines the quick and easy process of entering data on PharmOutcomes once the audit has been completed and answers some common queries.

This audit will help demonstrate how you are supporting your community every day and, alongside data from other pharmacies, will assist PSNC in gathering crucial evidence for our ongoing funding discussions with HM Government and the NHS. It will also give a sense of the impact that COVID is having on pharmacy teams.

We hope to receive data from as many pharmacy teams as possible to build a strong evidence base, and would be hugely grateful to anyone who does take part in this audit.

Summer 2020 Pharmacy Advice Audit

In June and July 2020 more than 9,400 pharmacies in England took part in PSNC’s audit of the informal patient consultations that happen in community pharmacy – these are consultations happening outside the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) or any other commissioned services.

Key findings

Over a single day, pharmacies recorded a total of 198,043 patient consultations, which revealed that:

  • The average staff time per consultation was just over 5 minutes;
  • Around 10% (approx. 20,900) of the consultations were initiated with the non-pharmacist and referred to the pharmacist – this meant for longer total consultation times;
  • Consultations initiated with a pharmacist took an average of 5.3 minutes pharmacist time;
  • Consultations initiated with a non-pharmacist took an average of 4 minutes, with 19% referred to the community pharmacist where on average a further 4.3 minutes was spent with the patient; and
  • Around 75 minutes per day, per pharmacy, is spent providing these consultations.

Resources on the audit findings

PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit – Full Report
A complete report containing all results and analysis of the data gathered as part of the Pharmacy Advice Audit.

PSNC Briefing 027/20: Summary of the findings from PSNC’s Pharmacy Advice Audit
A summary of the findings from the Pharmacy Advice Audit run by PSNC in June and July 2020.

Clinical Advice in Community Pharmacies: Findings from a national audit
A PowerPoint presentation making use of the findings from the PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit to showcase community pharmacy’s value to key stakeholders.

A one-page infographic featuring the key statistics from the audit findings. Three version are available to download and use.

Image Infographic: Community Pharmacy Consultations (JPG)

A4 Digital Infographic: Community Pharmacy Consultations

A4 Print Infographic: Community Pharmacy Consultations

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