Emergency Planning/Business Continuity

Emergency Planning/Business Continuity

Business Continuity Template

PSNC has produced a Business Continuity Template to meet the requirements of community pharmacy service providers, and in particular those of Requirement 319 for Information Governance.


Pharmacy Business Continuity Plan Check List

Previous Guidance

Guidance to help community pharmacies continue operating in emergency circumstances has been developed by the RPSGB, PSNC and Community Pharmacy Wales.

Guidance on Service Continuity Planning for Pharmacy

Appendix A: Service Continuity Planning Template

Related resources

For advice specifically on EPS issues see EPS/IT contingency arrangements.

Pandemic flu resources:

Community Pharmacy Pandemic Flu template

Department of Health guidance and resources


Q. Are pharmacies still exempt from the requirement to have a business continuity plan?

No, pharmacies are no longer exempt from that requirement and they therefore need to have a business continuity plan in place. Guidance on developing a plan can be found in the clinical governance section of the website.

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