Notifications from pharmacy systems to GP practice systems

Notifications from pharmacy systems to GP practice systems

Direct notifications can be communicated between clinical IT systems (e.g. from pharmacy system to GP practice system) to improve patients’ experiences and care outcomes, and to bring other health-related benefits.

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has worked with NHS Digital, PSNC, clinicians from across primary care, and others to develop several standards for electronic transfer of information which could be sent from pharmacy systems to GP practice systems.

The use of Flu vaccination service PRSB-developed notifications and Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) urgent supplies notifications are being used where systems are allowing.

Flu vaccination notifications

Electronic flu vaccination notifications are being sent from pharmacies to GP practices – where their systems allow. The notifications are securely transferred from PharmOutcomes to SystmOne GP practice users. Vaccine details can be added directly to a patient’s record, without having to transcribe the information manually.

This is expected to save time for GP practice staff and pharmacy teams, help improve data quality and reduce the likelihood of transcribing errors.

Following a successful pilot, NHS Digital rolled out the service initially for PharmOutcomes and SystmOne users, and plans to for other suppliers following similar pilot schemes.

Urgent supplies of medicines provided as part of the CPCS

Most community pharmacy contractors in England can send electronic notifications for urgent supplies of medicines provided as part of the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS).

This assists pharmacy teams with informing GPs that one of their patients has received an urgent supply of a medicine or appliance via the CPCS.

The new functionality is live for pharmacies in London using the Sonar Informatics system and is enabled for pharmacies elsewhere in England using Pinnacle Health’s PharmOutcomes system.

The electronic notifications are sent automatically and there is no change to the way pharmacy teams record CPCS urgent supplies in the IT systems. Not all GP systems can yet receive the notifications, but your pharmacy IT system will check prior to sending a message and it will revert to the existing method for transmission, normally NHSmail, if the practice is not enabled.

This system of electronic notifications to GP systems is currently in use for the TPP SystmOne GP system and the EMIS Web GP system.

Additional system guidance and roll out information is available from system suppliers.

Read more at: the NHS Digital website.

Other similar types of standard electronic notifications

The use of the notifications described above will help to inform the potential transfer of other standard notifications from pharmacy to GP practice systems. This may include other types of vaccinations and services notifications.

The PRSB developed ‘pharmacy information flows’ standard notifications and supported a generic design so that initial notifications could act as templates for similar notifications. This also means that system suppliers may more easily make those changes required to enable the structured flow of various information.

Suppliers info

NHS Digital’s Digital medicine specification versions includes developed specifications to support communication of:

  • Pharmacy immunisation administration (including flu vaccination)
  • Pharmacy emergency medication supply
  • Pharmacy New Medicine Service (NMS)
  • Pharmacy medication review
  • Pharmacy digital minor illness referral service
  • Pharmacy appliance use review

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