Community pharmacy IT (a-z index)

Community pharmacy IT (a-z index)

PSNC webpages and sub-sections from within the  Community pharmacy IT hub are listed below by a-z:


Access control methods e.g. passwords 



Apps: Features of higher quality health apps and how to give app feedback 

Apps update briefing (2020)

Artificial intelligence (AI)



Bring your own device policies

Business Continuity (IT)

Care Identity Service 1 (CIS1) online Smartcard admin software (one-pager briefing) 

Care Identity Service 2 (CIS2, authentication)

Communications across healthcare (IT)

Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG) information and its papers

Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG) representatives

Community Pharmacy Digital email Group (CPDG)

Computable dose instructions (Standard dose syntax)


Connectivity: Getting the most from your connection (briefing)

Contingency (IT)


CP ITG (Community Pharmacy IT Group)

CP ITG representatives

CP ITG update


Cybersecurity: Ten steps to help improve it (briefing)

Databases of pharmacies / services 

Data backups

Data quality

Data security and information governance hub

Data Security and Protection (IG) Toolkit (DSPTK) hub 

DSPTK webinar

Data security templates and resources

Data security top tips and case studies

Data security: Ten steps to improve it (briefing)

DSPTK FAQS factsheet (or webpage)

Digital capabilities / literacy

Digital reimbursement solutions

dm+d NHS medicines database

Directory of Services (DoS)

DoS Profile Updater

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and SCR

EHRs: Planning pharmacy access for LHCRs/EHRs and other record systems (briefing)

EHR list

EHRs/SCR/LHCR and system integration

EHRs and ‘write access’

Email (IT)

EPS home (Electronic Prescription Service)

EPS: Dispensing and supply

EPS: Preparing/enhancing

EPS: Nomination

EPS: Contingency / business continuity

EPS Controlled Drugs (CDs)


EPS submission

EPS and submission timing

EPS essential checklists (one-pager briefings)

EPS checking total item numbers (one-pager briefing)

EPS future and enhancements 

EPS Phase 4

EPS studies including tips and lessons (briefings)

eRD (Electronic Repeat Dispensing)

Events (new/future)

Events (archived)

F (ODS) code

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

FMD webinar


Feedback/pilot registration IT (webform)

Feeding back about IT

FHIR standards

FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)

FMD – a quick guide briefing

Funding and reimbursement (IT)

Future developments

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Get involved

GP Connect (appointments/records NHS Digital standards)

Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)/N3

HSCN/N3: Getting the most from your connection (briefing)

IG – information governance and data security

Instant messaging

Interface mechanism (IM1) NHS standards

Interoperability Toolkit (ITK)

IT events

IT allowances

IT skills pathway

IT updates

ITK – Interoperability Toolkit

Local Health and Care Records (LHCRs)

LHCR update briefing (2020)

LHCRs: Planning pharmacy access for LHCRs (briefing)

Mobile device usage

Mobile messaging


National data opt-out system for patients 

National data opt-out system & the DSPTK question (briefing 2020)

National Information Board (NIB)


NHS login (authentication for patients)


NHSmail escalation route

NHSmail practical considerations

NHSmail management and registration

NHSmail video conferencing options


NHS Apps Library

NHS App and its EPS nomination feature

NHS COVID-19 app (relevant section on Apps webpage)

NHS and IT

NHS Digital

NHS number

NHS profile manager (in development)

NHS Service Finder

NHS Spine

NHS IT / EPS status checker tool

NHS IT systems

NHS website (formerly ‘NHS Choices’)

Notifications from pharmacy systems to GP practice systems

Notifications from GP practice systems to pharmacy systems (future)


Nomination Principles one-page factsheet 

ODS (F) codes and IT changes including change checklist

Office software

Open standards

Organisations (IT) list

Opt-Out – see national data opt-out system for patients


Patient Facing Services (PFS)

PFS and other app offerings briefing

Patient Demographics Service (NHS PDS)

PDS – Patient Demographics Service

Phase 4

Phoneline options

Pilot registration and IT feedback (webform)

PMR system suppliers

Policies (IT) list

Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)

Policy, the NHS and IT

Policy (IT) list 

PMR suppliers

Reasonable Adjustment Flag (RAF) information (IT) (NHS Digital’s RAF in pilot and early rollout)

Reporting issues


Real Time Exemption Checking (RTEC): roll-out, piloting, guidance, FAQs

Registration Authorities (RAs) – local Smartcard bodies, contact info

SCR – See Summary Care Record

Service Finder beta tool in pilot (using DoS information)


Smartcard processes and tips factsheet

Smartcards: Using Care Identity Service (CIS) factsheet

Smartcard model overview factsheet

Smartcards for multi-site and SCR usage briefing

Smartcard Registration Authorities (RAs) – local Smartcard bodies, and contact info

Smartcard Role and Activity codes and how to update them briefing

Smartcard escalation process factsheet


Social media

Social media guide (briefing)

Social media webinar

Standard dose syntax / computable dose instructions

Standards and interoperability

SCR (Summary Care Record)

SCR checklist for accessing it

SCR Governance Person

SCR Shielded Patient Flag

SCR Shielded Patient Flag one-page factsheet (pdf)

SCR with Additional Information factsheet

SCR webinar


System settings and IT updates 

System suppliers hub

Systems (incl EPS and PMRs) and apps

Technology, infrastructure & workflows

Ten steps to improve data & cyber security (briefing)


Training and development (IT)




Website management 

Whitelisting websites


Windows versions: updates and transition guidance (briefing)


See also: PSNC IT briefings. If you have queries on this webpage or you require more information please contact To share and hear views about digital developments with like-minded pharmacy team members, join the CP Digital email group today.



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