Data security templates and resources

Data security templates and resources

PSNC with others prepared data security and data security (IG) templates that may assist pharmacy contractors with their completion of the Data and Security Protection Toolkit (DSPTK). PSNC continues to revise these as needed.

The GDPR WB published in 2018 also references some of the templates and resources which are listed on this webpage.

Templates to help data security and DSPTK (updated 2020)

Data security and IG templates (updated 2020)

Note that many of these below are referenced within the GDPR Workbook.

Template 1: Data and security and IG policy

Template 2: Staff confidentiality agreement

Suggested Contract Clause for Individual Staff members: “You may not during or after the termination of your employment disclose to anyone other than in the proper course of your employment or where required by law, any information of a confidential nature relating to the company or its business or customers. Breach of this clause may lead to dismissal without notice and/or legal action. Guidance on standards expected can be found in the staff code of conduct.”

Template 3: Staff confidentiality code

Template 4: Data handling procedure

Template 5: Privacy / transparency notice (wording for websites or patient information leaflets for folding)  (also alternative versions: Large-print version  / A4 version.

Note: that communications materials are provided in different formats or by different routes to meet the need of patients with special or different needs. NHS 111 provide an interpreter service to support communicating with patients who do not speak English.

Template 6: Asset register with worked examples (MS Word) / Asset register with worked examples (MS Excel)

Note: The pharmacy asset register is likely to contain commercially sensitive information so there is no requirement for the details to be shared with the NHS. Where the pharmacy maintains information on software, hardware or services in a separate asset register for accounting, insurance or business continuity purposes, an option is to do a cross reference from the relevant sections in the information asset register to the relevant register or location that this information is stored to prevent duplicating effort.

Template 7: Physical security risk assessment

Template 8A: Mobile computing guidelines

Template 8B: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and NHSmail guidelines / policy

Template 9: Portable equipment / Asset control form

Template 10: Disposal of portable assets

Template 11: Incident management procedures and reporting breaches / incidents

Template 12: Information security incident report form

Template 13: Audit sheet

Templates 14: You may use Staff signature list [all policies] for all to re-sign annually and for new joiners to sign) (one list related to staff confirming in relation to all policies) or Staff Signature List Page [for each policy separately]  (multiple lists relating to staff being able to confirm in relation to each policy separately).

Template 15: Access control and password management procedure

Template 16: Ensuring staff compliance with Smartcard Terms and Conditions (RA01) template SOP 

NB: If staff do not have cards subject to the RA01 terms and conditions (i.e. EPS Release 2 cards), this requirement can be marked not relevant (NR).

Template 17:  Data quality policy

Template 18:  Risk register (with worked examples)  and  Risk register (blank). Note: Alternatively risk information may be stored on Asset register – see template 6 above)

Template 19: Mapping data flows: Data flow map illustration 

Template 20: Confidentiality agreement for non-contracted workers visiting pharmacy. The pharmacy may have persons working for it (otherwise than under a contract of employment) e.g. locum pharmacists, or have persons visiting the pharmacy who are likely to have access to areas of the pharmacy not generally accessible by members of the public. One way to help safeguard the confidentiality of patients’ personal and sensitive personal data is by requiring the third party to agree to a confidentiality agreement. We recommend that the pharmacy retain the original signed confidentiality agreements for at least 6 years before considering disposal.

NB: PSNC originally developed these templates 1-16 with the support of the Department of Health and Social Care. NHS Employers, NHS Connecting for Health and the RPSGB also contributed to the development of many of these. 

GDPR templates

Templates can be found within the GDPR hub. Templates from the GDPW Workbook for community pharmacy (Part 3) are:

  • Template A: Decide who is responsible
  • Template B: Action plan
  • Template C: Think about and record the personal data you process; and Assure your lawful basis for processing
  • Template D: Process according to data protection principles
  • Template E: Review and check with your processors
  • Template F: Obtain consent if you need to
  • Template G: Tell people about your processes: the Privacy Notice
  • Template H: Ensure data security
  • Template I: Consider personal data breaches
  • Template K: Think about data subject rights
  • Template L: Ensure privacy by design and default
  • Template M: Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

Additional resources

Policy templates are set out within the section above.

Further resources are also set out below.

Further resources

Older resources


These templates have been provided as a basis for local adaptation. It is a contractor’s responsibility to ensure their compliance with professional and legal requirements. Where legal advice is required, it should be sought from a Solicitor or Counsel.

Further info

If you have queries on this webpage or you require more information about templates which would assist the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, or wish to request Toolkit-related templates that do not yet exist then please contact To share and hear views about digital developments with like-minded pharmacy team members, join the CP Digital email group today.



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