Directory of Services (DoS)

Directory of Services (DoS)

The Directory of Services (DoS) is a central directory of information which provides NHS 111 call handlers and others with real-time information about services available to support a patient. Pharmacies’ services are included within the DoS and it is important to the efficient working of NHS 111 and some other urgent care providers that information on pharmacy services is accurate to allow patients to be appropriately referred to community pharmacies.


The DoS is not publicly nationally available, as it contains information such as private telephone numbers for use by healthcare professionals, but some pharmacy teams can already access DoS (via a web-based system e.g. MiDoS, or within some areas the ‘NHS Service Finder’ beta tool (currently being piloted) may be being tested for some pharmacies) and may therefore check their DoS entry is accurate or access the information related to another health and care organisation. Such systems are designed to allow real time access to the DoS via a web browser or mobile device (such as a mobile phone or tablet). It is likely that this will be the route by which more pharmacy teams will be able to check their DoS entry in the future.

NHS England and NHS Improvement and NHS Digital are considering the different ways that pharmacies can better access and correct their DoS entry, in some cases involving the need to notify local NHS 111 DoS leads. DoS checking opportunities may also be linked to past and future Quality Payment Scheme announcements.

DoS Profile Updater tool

The Directory of Services (DoS) Profile Updater, has been used in the past to assist community pharmacy contractors with entering relevant information during past Pharmacy Quality Schemes and also to update DoS information.

Changes made onto it should be applied within around 48 hours. When there are issues with use of this tool, then other methods can be used to update DoS – see other sections of this webpage.

DoS Capacity status tool

The DoS Capacity status tool differs from the DoS Profile Updater (described above).

For organisations which receive login details to use it (e.g. from local DoS leads), staff from within those organisations may update DoS information. See also the ‘Temporary closure’ section below.

Temporary closures and updating DoS

To help keep the DoS information accurate, contractors should aim to update their pharmacy’s profile even for temporary closuresFor example: 

  • For temporary closures of more than five days, you may amend your opening times within the Dos Profile Updater. 
  • For temporary closures of less than five days, you may amend your Red Amber Green (RAG) status to ‘RED’ using the new DoS Capacity status toolif you have working login details. Local DoS leads have helped to issue logins within some areas. 

The DoS emergency change number on 0300 0200 363 may also be used where necessary and if the line is open. You may also contact your local DoS lead / team as needed.

Note that making changes to DoS does not automatically adjust NHS website. See: NHS website

Updating bank holiday hours (8th May 2020)

This section relates to a past bank holiday.

PSNC has received queries from pharmacy teams about the process should bank holiday opening hours need to be updated in the DoS.

PSNC reported that NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) announced on 1st May 2020 it requires all community pharmacies in England to open from 2pm to 5pm on Friday 8th May 2020 (May 2020 bank holiday).

Will I need to update my 8th May 2020 bank holiday opening hours on DoS?

Contractors must update DoS themselves, unless they have confirmation that the NHSE&I Regional Team is doing this for their region. LPCs may be able to clarify the position for contractors.

There will be no national block update of contractors’ hours on DoS for the bank holiday opening on Friday 8th May 2020, because the flexibility provided by NHSE&I means it is more appropriate for contractors to update entries.

If you have agreed opening hours with your NHSE&I team previously* or recently, your contract manager (local DoS lead) should update DoS at the end of Wednesday 6th May 2020.

Contractors need to update their DoS entries to ‘open’ if there won’t be any local automatic adjustment of pharmacies and the pharmacy was previously set to be ‘closed’ on this date within DoS (e.g. during previous Pharmacy Quality Scheme work to update DoS). Other organisations may rely on DoS information to assist them making referrals to pharmacies marked ‘open’.

Contractors won’t need to adjust DoS if they have previously set their DoS profile to ‘closed’ during past Pharmacy Quality Scheme work updating DoS, and their NHSE&I Regional Team will also allow them to close on the bank holiday.

It is also important for contractors to update their DoS entry so that NHS 111 does not send a patient to a closed pharmacy, for example, as part of the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS).

Contractors can use the DoS Profile Updater to make the necessary change by the end of Wednesday 6th May 2020 (midnight). DoS Profile Updater needs to be used two working days ahead for the change to be implemented by local DoS leads. If you experience a last minute change, for example,  due to staff illness, meaning you cannot open, you will need to use the DoS emergency change number instead: 0300 0200 363 (as well as notifying NHSE&I).

*NHSE&I’s Primary Care Bulletin referenced the method of notifying the NHSE&I regional office (i.e. the local DoS lead) in the usual way and updating DoS via that route.

Are there other options in an emergency to update DoS about 8th May bank holiday opening hours?

As mentioned, if you have unexpected later changes to opening hours, you need to be made onto DoS to ensure DoS accuracy, then use the DoS emergency change number on 0300 0200 363.

The methods above are the recommended routes for those few that need to make last-minute adjustments to DoS 2020 opening hours. We cannot yet recommend the method below, given the short timescales, however, PSNC is aware some contractors have recently used other methods to update DoS bank holiday opening hours.

  • Some pharmacy teams may have been given login details and direct access to the tool. NHSE&I may be rolling this out to some pharmacies as an extra way to update DoS information such as opening hours and capacity status. Some pharmacies have gained access after their local DoS leads or local partners have issued login credentials and information. This online tool is an alternative to the DoS Profile Updater tool. PSNC continues to have ongoing discussions with NHSE&I about the challenges with a wide and speedy roll-out of a new tool to community pharmacies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Updating bank holiday hours (25th May 2020)


PSNC and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have confirmed that ​there is no blanket requirement for all community pharmacies to open on the Spring Bank Holiday (25th May 2020). NHSE&I can use its usual powers to require some pharmacies to open to ensure adequate provision, if appropriate.

If you previously updated DoS to reflect your opening hours, this will remain in place.

If you experience a last-minute change, for example, due to staff illness, meaning you cannot open, please review the ‘Temporary closures and updating DoS‘ section further above.

Contractors should also ensure that the pharmacy NHS website entry is correct for each bank holiday.

NHS Pathways tool

The NHS Pathways tool is not publicly available.

Commissioners are provided with information about the demand and supply of healthcare skills and services in their area via the combined use of the NHS Pathways tool and the Directory of Services. Whilst NHS Pathways provides the clinical assessment, the Directory of Services holds a comprehensive list of primary care services available that can be used to refer patients into.

NHS Service Finder beta tool

Some pharmacy teams can already access DoS (via a web-based system e.g. MiDoS, or within some areas the ‘NHS Service Finder’ (within pilot) may be being tested for some pharmacies) and may therefore check their DoS entry is accurate or access the information related to another health and care organisation. Such systems are designed to allow real time access to the DoS via a web browser or mobile device (such as a mobile phone or tablet).


Q. I am updating my DoS profile and have come across these service terms, what is Pharm+, CPCS, CPCS+, CPCS++?

The Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) is known by the following service names on the NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS) to reflect the two stands of the service (urgent medicine supply and minor illness):

“Pharm+”, “CPCS”, “CPCS+” and “CPCS++”

Pharm+ Standard pharmacy service provision plus urgent medicine supply
CPCS Minor illness provision with 24-hour or longer referral time-frame
CPCS+ Minor illness provision with 12-hour referral time-frame
CPCS++ Minor illness provision with 6-hour referral time-frame

The clinical information contained on these different DoS service entries is based on the minor conditions identified for referral to a community pharmacist (referred to in Annex D of the Service Specification). Read more at CPCS.

Q. Is updating DOS still linked with the Quality Scheme?

A. As of May 2020, the Pharmacy Quality Scheme was not active. Archived info is here.


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