NHS Profile Manager

NHS Profile Manager

NHS Profile Manager is a digital tool currently in development which is due to go live from early 2022.

At the moment, community pharmacy contractors update two different NHS service information updaters:

It is hoped that the new NHS Profile Manager, once launched, will replace the two older information updaters, thereby, preventing contractors from having to input the same information onto two different platforms.

PSNC and the Community Pharmacy IT Group (CPITG), have long requested that the two current NHS service information updaters be merged, and development of the new NHS Profile Manager has been a joint effort between various stakeholders, including, PSNC, NHS Digital and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I).

The new profile manager will not only save contractors precious time, but should also be more accurate.

NHSmail linked to editing profile

During November 2021, NHS Digital will review all of the existing users of the NHS website profile editor and any users who are not using an email address ending with nhs.net will receive instructions on how to update their login details. This will help all contractors to ensure that they are prepared for the launch of the new NHS Profile Manager in early 2022.


The potential benefits of the new profile manager tool include:

  • Reduced duplicative data entry by pharmacy teams.
  • Increased accuracy and consistency on the UEC DoS and NHS UK.
  • Reduced risk that information across NHS website and DoS could inadvertently diverge.
  • Improvement in the quality of information being given to 111 Telephony, 111 Online and NHS Service Finder.

Getting involved (user research calls)

If you would like to feed into the tool’s development before or after launch, please email it@psnc.org.uk with the subject “Please can I register interest with taking part with an NHS Profile Manager user research call” and include your name and your pharmacy ODS code.

PSNC and Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG) are working with the NHS Profile Manager project team to arrange some user research calls. CP ITG pharmacy multiples representatives will also be feeding in on behalf of pharmacy multilpes organisations.


Q. When will the NHS Profile Manager be released?

The tool is set to go live in January 2022.

Q. Do I still need to use the NHS website profile editor and DoS Profile Updater in the meantime?

Yes, you will need to continue using these tools until the NHS Profile Manager tool goes live.

Q. How will I login to the new tool?

You will be able to login using your personal NHSmail account and will connect this to the pharmacy’s NHS Profile Manager.

Q. Will I be able to use the new tool if I do not have a personal NHSmail account?


Q. I do not yet have a personal NHSmail account (linked to the pharmacy shared NHSmail box) and would like to set this up, how can I do so?

See the ‘NHSmail personal accounts: creation and linking’ section of PSNC’s NHSmail webpage.

Q. Will larger pharmacy organisations be able to continue the mass-updating process?

Yes, the new tool will include Application Programming Interface (API) compatibility and larger pharmacy organisations will be able to continue updating via that route but some changes to the process may be added.

Related guidance

If you have queries on this webpage or you require more information, please contact it@psnc.org.uk.


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