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Digital training and capabilities

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Health Education England (HEE)

Health Education England (HEE) are supporting the promotion of digital capabilities amongst healthcare staff. HEE may also support the community pharmacy sector to develop some new digital training opportunities in the future. A number of papers have been produced on their website which explore what is meant by digital literacy and how pharmacy teams can get more out of developing their digital literacy.

HEE have said that:

  • personal digitally capabilities can involve personal development across a range of domains. Reaching proficient levels may help people to more easily acquire and use other skills and competencies.
  • becoming a digitally-literate person involves developing those function skills, plus attitudes, values and behaviours that can be categorised under the elements or domains seen in the image below.

HEE published the Topol Review Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future during February 2019. It made recommendations to enable NHS staff to make the most of innovative technologies such as genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics to improve services. These recommendations were intended to support the aims of the NHS Long-Term Plan, and the workforce implementation plan.

Digital literacy


IT Skills Pathway

The IT Skills Pathway was developed to provide an officially recognised route of learning and certification for the NHS workforce. Customisable training and assessment products are available to the NHS including pharmacy contractors.

IT skills pathway logo

Entry level

The entry level programme includes basic keyboard and mouse skills through to file management, web and email skills. This is particularly useful for staff with limited previous experience of computers, for example of accessing the internet and using email or who lack confidence in using computers. The programme contains diagnostic assessment and built in post learning assessments; successful completion of the post learning assessment will allow learners to print a personalised certificate recognising that they have passed the course. The course is delivered via the IT Skills Pathway online tracking system which records delegate’s progress using a simple registration and login process. The training can be completed at home or in the workplace. To locate your closest training centre, visit the IT Skills Pathway website.

Levels 1 – 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Levels 1 -3 cover more in-depth training on the Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The learning materials, practice exams and Certification exams for levels 2 – 3 were free to all NHS staff and NHS contractors, the  exams, practice tests and printable learning material were no longer funded after 1st July 2013; elearning via the IT Skills Pathway Tracking System will continue to be available free of charge. To find out more visit the IT Skills Pathway website.

General digital literacy/IT skill training opportunities


  • Apps guide, 6th edition (Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE))

Standards and interoperability

Social media

General training providers

These include those listed below. You may speak with them about their future digital-related training opportunities.

NHS Digital Academy

The NHS Digital Academy is a virtual organisation set up to develop a new generation of digital leaders who can drive the information and technology transformation.

The NHS Digital Academy, through a partnership with Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh and Harvard Medical School, provides a year-long learning programme (Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Health Leadership) for digital change leaders. Those who work though the programme complete relevant modules about digital health.

Cohorts Start date Applications
Cohort 1 April 2018 Closed
Cohort 2 April 2019 Closed
Cohort 3 April 2020 Closed
Cohort 4 (if goes ahead) April 2021 Applications for the fourth cohort may open in September 2020.

The first cohort of 100 delegates from around the health and care system in England commenced in April 2018 and includes those who may be charged with leading digital change, from both clinical (e.g. pharmacy professionals) and non-clinical backgrounds. 6 pharmacists were included within the third cohort.


Since then further cohorts have worked through the programme each year.

If you are a community pharmacist who would like some further information about how to proceed with applying to  then please contact

Further info

If you have queries on this webpage or you require more information please contact To share and hear views about digital developments with like-minded pharmacy team members, join the CP Digital email group today.


Note: information about Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) accreditation can be found here.



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