Summary Care Record (SCR) home

Summary Care Record (SCR) home

The NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) is an electronic summary of key clinical information (including medicines, allergies and adverse reactions) about a patient, sourced from the GP record. It is used by authorised healthcare professionals, with the patient’s consent, to support their care and treatment. Where a patient and their doctor wish to add additional information to the patient’s Summary Care Record, this may be added with the explicit consent of the patient.

More than 96% of the population have an SCR and it is already being successfully used in many settings across the NHS, such as A&E departments, hospital pharmacies, NHS 111 and GP out of hours services and walk in centres.

  1. Overview (including SCR calculator information)
  2. Preparing to access SCR
  3. Using standard SCR and SCR with Additional Information 
  4. The future development of SCR



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