SCR statistics

SCR statistics

SCR statistics for pharmacy contractors and LPCs

Pharmacy contractors: general SCR statistics

Read more at: SCR views/calculator tool and statistics page (NHS Digital).

Quality Payments: SCR calculator now available for the June 2018 review point

NHS Digital has updated the Summary Care Record (SCR) calculator webpage, for the June 2018 review point of the Quality Payments Scheme. NHS Digital are now publishing the calculator in a new, more user-friendly format. To use the new format calculator:

  • access the dashboard data;
  • use the arrows at the bottom to scroll between weekly SCR views and the QP calculator;
  • enter your pharmacy name or ODS (F) code into the search box;
  • select from the list, or scroll through the pharmacy list to select; and
  • view totals in the box (correct as of the date the data was extracted).

The SCR calculator does not provide live information; it is only updated weekly on Thursdays (with the previous week’s viewing figures as of the end of Sunday). The calculator states the date of the data being used. SCR usage data in raw spreadsheet format will continue to be published for those that need to use this spreadsheet data for their bespoke analysis.

NHS Digital are also publishing the data in spreadsheet format on their calculator webpage.

Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPCs) SCR statistics

Pharmacy level SCR statistics by LPC area (data up to 28th Jan 2018) 2MB excel spreadsheet

Interactive map of live pharmacy sites

NHS Digital update a live map of those community pharmacies which have gone live with SCR.

You can zoom into your area to check which pharmacies have already gone live in your area:

SCR map of live pharmacies (June 2016)

Frequently asked questions

Q. When I use SCR to access contact information will this count as an ‘SCR usage’ (on the SCR calculator and for Quality Payment purposes)?

No, access only to the demographic screen on SCR does not record as a view in the calculator, and therefore does not contribute towards calculator totals.


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