SCR top tips, case studies and FAQs

SCR top tips, case studies and FAQs

Top tips

Tips include:

  • SCR web address added to favourites – The pharmacy team may choose to add the SCR URL to desktop/favourites to make future access quick and easy.
  • Patient information – The pharmacy team may choose to make patient information materials (posters, leaflets) available at the pharmacy and on the pharmacy website (see here).
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) in place – The pharmacy team need an SCR SOP. A template is available here. SCR access could also be integrated into other SOPs.


HSCIC SCR image - Patient, Ali visits pharmacy (use in relation to SCR only)

Please contact PSNC’s IT team with further examples that demonstrate how your pharmacy has been able to benefit patients by using SCR- e.g. potentially avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. We would like to showcase such examples within SCR materials that are released in the future.

 SCR views from pharmacy / pharmacist

P&S Chemist clip from the full webinar:

Clip from the full webinar about scope for regular usage:

Frequently asked questions

NHS Digital and PSNC have received a number questions about SCR and have prepared these Q&As in response:

Preparing to use SCR

Q. How do I find about local training events in my area?

A. As these events finished in mid-February, a new process will be announced in the coming months for those who have not been to an event and plan to go live with SCR. PSNC will issue news once the new process is confirmed.

Q. What do I need to do to get live, where is my pharmacy within the process?

A.There is a checklist of items to complete at read more on the NHS Digital implementation guidance document.

 Q. As a relief pharmacist within a multiple organisation who is the person that should provide my face-to-face training briefing event and how should I get my Smartcard SCR-enabled?A.

A. Your pharmacy superintendent will be able to advise on how your organisation is going live with SCR and how you can get your Smartcard activated for SCR. Smartcards require adjustment to enable SCR – although this should be able to be done remotely.

Q. What is the process for locum staff with the 5F Smartcard wishing to gain SCR access onto that Smartcard? What if there is delay?

A. There will be a process for locum users to be able to access SCR. The locum Smartcard 5F may be used, frequently this may be provided where the staff member works at 5 or more pharmacies at short notice. In addition locum staff can then also add many regular premises to their Smartcard so that they can log-in using those rather than the generic F code.

If there is a delay with obtaining the required SCR codes onto locum Smartcards, for more than two weeks after the required paperwork has been submitted, then please refer to the Smartcard escalation route and/or you may contact your SCR Implementation Manager for further advice based on where you are located (contact information at end of this document).

Q. Where is the SCR Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) for me to sign? What are the steps needed to sign this?

A. Here is the link to AUA form: and see other criteria for going live listed at


Access to SCR

Q. I would like to check whether the pharmacy where I locum is live with SCR?

A. You may contact your SCR Implementation Manager for further advice based on where you are located (contact information at end of this document).

Q. Can SCR be accessed from any standalone computer using a Smartcard reader?

A. SCR can be accessed on a pharmacy PMR system that is on the N3 network e.g. pharmacy computer in the pharmacy. It cannot be accessed from home on a laptop. It can only be accessed on the N3 network with access via a Smartcard. If you have another PMR system terminal in another location in your pharmacy and if it is connected to N3 network and has a Smartcard reader, you can access SCR.

Q. Which technicians can access SCR?

A. Only Pharmacy technicians that are registered with General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) can access SCR. Initially, only the regulated roles by GPhC e.g. pharmacist and pharmacy technician can access SCR. The SCR team is exploring how other types of pharmacy team members could have access to SCR e.g. pre-reg, dispenser. All registered technicians that require access to SCR must complete the CPPE SCR eLearning module.


Using SCR and practising usage

Q. Could we have a test ‘Mr Nobody’ test patient account to access, to become familiar with SCR at our leisure, without a patient waiting?

A. You can use these test patient NHS numbers to practice SCR access and become familiar with the process: 999 040 2132, 999 025 2947, 999 025 2955, 999 024 3271.

Q. What is the website address that we need to use to access SCR? Will our chosen pharmacy system supplier have compatibility with SCR?

A. Link to access SCR website is here:

Your pharmacy system supplier needs to allow access to Internet Explorer on web browser for SCR access (see

Q. Is there a step-by-step guide on using SCR and finding the necessary information on the system?

A. Resources include:


Consent / auditing / emergency access

Q. If I have a query with a repeat prescription patient, given the patient will not be on-site, can I phone the patient to gain consent?

A. SCR can only be accessed if you have consent from the patient e.g. in person or over the phone. But for repeat patients you can have a one-off consent conversation which provides access consent for 12 months. You should record this permission in PMR patient notes field for the patient. For information on emergency access see the question immediately below.

Q. What is SCR emergency access?

A. Emergency access is SCR access without consent of the patient where the pharmacist/pharmacy technician has exhausted all options to obtain consent e.g. in person or by phone – it is access where the pharmacist/pharmacy technician makes a professional decision to access SCR in the best interests of the patient in the provision of care. Read more at the SCR consent webpage.

Q. What risk is there that I could be seen over-using SCR?

A. It is up to healthcare professional to decide how/when they access SCR in the provision of care to patients, when it is used in relation to their care. Some pharmacies use SCR frequently each day. The person auditing usage may check a proportion and that there is a patient, but should not need to check the clinical determination.

Q. How do I find out more information about the process involved with auditing of the SCR usage and checking access?

A. Resources include:


Further questions

If you have further questions about SCR please contact:

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