Reporting issues and maintaining business continuity (SCR)

Reporting issues and maintaining business continuity (SCR)

When SCR is down, or there is a failure with Smartcard access then an alternative to its use is contact with the GP practice as would have been the case prior to the pharmacy being live with SCR.

Sign-up to receive Spine alerts so that you will be notified if NHS IT components fail which prevent SCR access. For more on SCR and NHS IT business continuity issues read here.

Depending on the nature of any technical difficulty, you may wish to contact:

  • your local project contact;
  • your usual IT helpdesk; or
  • the national SCR programme

PSNC recommends pharmacy staff use NHS IT business continuity tools such as:


warning System Alerts: Staff can register to receive text or email alerts in the event that the national NHS Digital systems that support SCR are experiencing issues at Spine alerts.
trafficlights Checker: Visit the NHS Digital service status checker webpage which provides information about the status of the national systems at EPS checker.

Note that system Spine alerts differ to SCR privacy alerts.


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