SCR and liability

SCR and liability

Dispenser at computer 3 featured imageThe National Pharmacy Association has provided to NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC) the following statement:

“NPA indemnity Insurance will cover members’ access to the SCRs (and associated liabilities) where the pharmacist/pharmacy technician considers it necessary to do so (as well as any amendments the pharmacist/pharmacy technician decides to make to the SCR when this facility is enabled and available in the future) provided that this is done in line with available published guidelines, the pharmacy’s standard operating procedure (SOP) governing consent and access to SCR and use of the information therein.”

Numark Ltd has provided to NHS Digital the following statement:

“Numark Insurance recognises the potential for significant enhancements to patient care that access to SCRs represents. As such, our policy will provide cover to pharmacists and technicians utilising and operating within approved guidelines and continuing to act with due regard to patient safety, care and consent.”

The General Pharmaceutical Council released a statement regarding liability:

“Pharmacists’ access to patient medical records is a welcome and positive step towards enabling pharmacy professionals to deliver improved outcomes for patients. We believe that access to records will increase dialogue and communication and improve collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Whilst this is not a new area for some of the profession, for example those working in hospitals or those who work as prescribers, we recognise that this is a developing area for community pharmacy.

A pharmacy professional’s responsibility is to make the care of patients their first concern. Pharmacy professionals who can access patient medical records must ensure that they apply the principles and requirements of conduct, ethics and performance to any additional information that they can access as result of these changes. Our standards make clear a Pharmacy professional’s responsibility in relation to confidentiality and consent, as well as ‘getting all the information you require to assess a person’s needs in order to give the appropriate treatment and care.

Pharmacy owners are required to meet the GPhC’s Standards for Registered Pharmacies. Under the first principle in those standards, concerning governance, standard 1.7 requires information to be managed so as to protect the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of patients and the public who receive pharmacy services. Our inspectors would explore the pharmacy team’s use of the SCR as one evidence source when assessing the pharmacy’s performance against the standard.”



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