The enriched SCR (additional information)

The enriched SCR (additional information)

More than 96% of the English population already have an SCR with the core information. GP practices may update SCRs with a set of additional information from a patient’s GP record. Explicit patient consent is required.

Core information

The core information automatically included within SCR is:

  • all known allergies & adverse reactions recorded for that patient on the GP system; and
  • all medications within the following conditions:
  • Acute medications (6 or 12 months depending on the GP system);
  • Current repeat medications (with last issue date dependent upon GP system); and
  • Discontinued repeat medication (if the GP system adds this data, 6 months).

Additional information

Patients may request to their GP practice that the practice adds other useful content beyond the core data set. If this data has been added to the SCR, then the person accessing SCR will be able to view it:

  • reason for medication;
  • immunisations;
  • significant diagnoses / problems;
  • significant procedures;
  • end of Life Care information and patient preferences;
  • other anticipatory care preferences, when they have been recorded by the GP; and
  • any other important information from the GP record that the patient and GP agree should be included in the SCR.

There are items which are not included unless the patient specifically asks for them to be. These are details of:

  • fertility treatment;
  • sexually transmitted infections and treatments;
  • terminations; and
  • gender reassignment.

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