Using the SCR application

Using the SCR application

Logging on and searching test or real patients

Launch the NHS Spine portal: (Smartcard required) and select ‘Launch SCR’ and start using SCR.

To practise and test usage: enter test example (dummy) patient numbers such as:

  • 999 040 2132;
  • 999 025 2947;
  • 999 025 2955;
  • 999 024 3271; or
  • 999 024 0272.

Practising using these helps staff become familiar with SCR usage for when it could be used to help patient care.

NHS Digital have published leaflets to assist pharmacies:

NHS number is used where known, some pharmacy teams obtain this using their EPS module or PMR, and paste this into the SCR application.

When to use SCR

Pharmacy teams report that the SCR can be used as an alternative to contacting the GP practice in some scenarios. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published a one-page factsheet which explains the scenarios in which to use the SCR. The decision as to when to use SCR is a professional one.

RPS using EHRs tool thumb

Listed scenarios

Checking medication details
• Prescription unclear
• Patient can’t remember/unsure about medicines
• Emergency supplies
• New patient to the pharmacy
• Checking possible dispensing/prescribing error
• Checking interactions with:
• Prescribed medicines
• OTC medicines
• Herbal products and supplements

Checking information about the patient
• Drug allergies
• Previous ADRs
• ‘Additional information’ such as care plans/blood test results, immunisation history, intolerances

Check eligibility for other pharmacy services (e.g. NHS flu jab)
• Supporting self-care
• Access to clinical information out of hours
• Safe and efficient alternative to contacting GP for clinical information 

Use cases

NHS Digital storyboard animated use cases (pdfs):

Communications with the GP

At present, if you want to inform the GP that you have taken a particular course of action, for example after issuing an emergency supply, you need to communicate with them in the way you currently do now.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Will SCR allow me to check whether a prescription is eRD?

A. The EPS Tracker allows this functionality, but the SCR currently does not. In some scenarios Tracker and SCR are used together in unison.

Q. Will locums using SCR have their accesses associated with our pharmacy?

A. Pharmacy staff which have Smartcards with only the FFFFF multi-site code, and SCR usage rights associated with their FFFFF general code, will be asked to select which pharmacy they are working in. The SCR usage will be counted as an SCR access for the selected site.

Q. Are pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacy technicians able to access SCR?

A. No. Two agreed professionals regulated by General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) can access SCR: pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Pre-registration trainees can do the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) training in preparation for qualification. The suggestion is that trainees do this close to the time that they are to qualify so that the learning is maximised.



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