System suppliers (EHR/SCR integration)

System suppliers (EHR/SCR integration)

Electronic Health Record solutions

There are a range of providers marketing shared electronic health record solutions including GP system suppliers, EMIS and InPs, suppliers serving the broader healthcare market such as CSC and providers that have traditionally been known for marketing solutions direct to consumers, for example Microsoft.

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) is one example of a solution that enables the sharing of data between GP clinical systems (EMIS, InPs, TPP SystmOne and Microtest’s Evolution).

A guide (Patient online: Guidance for GPs) to support GP practices in providing online access for patients was published by the Royal College of General Practitioners in March 2013.

SCR integration and the 1-click feature

System suppliers can integrate the use of SCR information so that SCR information can be accessed more quickly and easily for when required.

Accessing SCR information

The SCR might be accessed in different ways such as:

  1. The standalone web viewer SCR application (known as the SCRa): This does not require any additional software.
  2. Integrated viewer:  May be developed by system suppliers to allow users to view the SCR within their existing clinical system.
  3. 1-click functionality developed by system suppliers for their system/s (available via Lorenzo (CSC) or Servelec RiO)
  4. orQestra® SCR Spine Mini-Service Provider (Quicksilva): can be integrated with any of the pharmacy PMR systems with their support.

Update: SCR 1-click now available in Sonar and PharmOutcomes (June 2019 update)

Pharmacists and technicians can now access vital patient information quickly through a new Summary Care Record (SCR) 1-click feature that is available within the PharmOutcomes and Sonar systems.

The 1-click function allows pharmacy professionals logged in with their Smartcard to click straight through to a selected patient’s SCR whilst using PharmOutcomes or Sonar, without having to log in separately and complete a manual search by entering an NHS number.

This can help SCR to be used as part of providing pharmacy services such as NUMSAS and the Digital Minor Illness Referral Service.

Having access to a patient’s Summary Care Record speeds up care and reduces the need for phone calls to GP practices, delays to care and the need for referrals to other services, particularly out-of-hours.

PSNC and the Community Pharmacy IT Group have encouraged all PMR suppliers to similarly implement SCR 1-click functionality into their software.

Learn more at: the PharmOutcomes SCR 1-click video guide. Visit the Sonar Informatics website for more information about their system.

System suppliers and SCR

System suppliers or system users may inform PSNC about progress:

System System supplier SCR integration or SCR 1-click feature present
Analyst Positive Solutions tbc
CoMPass Lloydspharmacy Limited tbc
Nexphase Cegedim Rx tbc
Pharmacy Manager Cegedim Rx tbc
PharmOutcomes Pinnacle Health LLP 1-click feature present for certain service modules
ProScript systems EMIS tbc
ProScript LINK AAH Pharmaceuticals tbc
RxWeb Clanwilliam Health tbc
Sonar Sonar 1-click feature present for certain service modules

System Supplier status updates: If you are a pharmacy system supplier that is developing or currently supplying an SCR enabled PMR System to the English market and would like your name added to this list please contact PSNC. If you are aware that details above have changed please let us know.



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