IT event registration

IT event registration

This webpage for pharmacy contractors and those with interest in community pharmacy IT sets out registration opportunities for IT events.

Non-PSNC IT events

Some IT events hosted by others instead of PSNC will have their own registration process. See the IT events section of ‘Get involved with IT’ for registration links.

PSNC IT events

Registration form: Virtual Shared Care Records (1 July 2021 event)

An event for the Community Pharmacy IT Group and LPCs is being arranged including LPC focussed sessions.

LPC Chief Officer are being encouraged to attend, but the event is also open to LPC members supporting the LHCR agenda.
Pharmacy contractors using LHCRs, or supporting the LHCR agenda may also request to join.
This event should also be an opportunity to talk about where it has worked, and some of the challenges to be overcome, opportunities to align thinking and messages.



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