Cyber and data security

Cyber and data security

Hacker 1944688 1280 cybersecurity‘Cyber and data security’ relates to the protection of data, systems, and networks in cyberspace. It is becoming an increasingly critical issue for all who use or work with the internet.

Ten steps to help improve data and cyber security

PSNC recommends pharmacy teams review the PSNC Briefing: Ten steps to help improve data and cyber security within your pharmacy.

Template policies

NHS Digital have published security template policies which can be adapted by contractors, relating to topics such as: Anti-malware, Back-ups, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Data handling, Mobile device working, and Removable media guidance (e.g. USB sticks).

Supporting organisations

NHS Digital’s CareCERT will offer advice and guidance to support health and social care organisations to respond effectively and safely to cyber security threats. They will plan to do so through a number of programmes:

  1. CareCERT Assure – interested with organisation’s cyber security preparedness.
  2. CareCERT React – provides guidance and advice on data security incidents.
  3. CareCERT Knowledge – e-learning service

CareCERT also work with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The NCSC provides national guidance.

System standards

The standard NHS system settings are determined by the Warranted Environment Specification (WES), which itself specifies which versions apply in regards to:

  • operating systems (e.g. Windows 7 minimum, older Windows versions are no longer falling within the common settings);
  • internet browsers (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, older IE versions are no longer falling within the common settings);
  • java version (the version of the computer programming language being used, which is intended to let programs run smoothly); and
  • Smartcard-related drivers.

Dealing with cyber attacks

If you believe your system has been affected, or would like to read more about prevention and any recent threats, read more at: Dealing with cybersecurity risks.

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