Using mobile devices within pharmacies

Using mobile devices within pharmacies

Pharmacy teams will start to benefit from more usage of mobile devices within their pharmacy premises – laptops, tablet devices and smartphones. Work is being undertaken so that mobile devices can be more integrated with PMR and NHS systems, and so that the burden of using systems to record and view information is reduced.

System supplier pilots

Your system suppliers may be further piloting and exploring use of more mobile devices within pharmacies – e.g. laptops, tablet devices and smartphone being given appropriate access to patient medication record (PMR) information.

NHS Digital developments

NHS Digital have previously said they will welcome ideas relating to Smartcards or access control which are:

  • good value to those who pay for it;
  • work for the people who use it; and
  • feasible to deliver with the resources available.

For instance, one of the projects being looked at includes exploring giving more health and care workers quick and secure access to healthcare information and systems from tablets and mobile devices with and without Smartcards.

NHS Digital also welcome receiving feedback regarding the Care Identity Service.

To submit ideas email  Please cc PSNC:

NHSmail on mobile devices

That NHSmail can work on mobile devices e.g. use of NHSmail may auto-detect whether those having a passcode and a recently enough updated operating system. NHSmail may be used with the Microsoft Outlook smartphone app or within common web browser apps. Additionally, consider information at: NHSmail

Data security aspects

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (Toolkit) includes a question about use of mobile devices.

The scope of the question is limited to mobile devices directly processing patient data e.g. mobile devices that may have been provided by PMR supplier and linked to Spine/EPS. PMR suppliers have explained where they provide a Spine-linked mobile device suitable encryption protection is in place. Personal devices not processing patient data are not within the scope of the question. If you use a laptop and patient data flowing through you may wish to check with your IT support that encryption is in place.

Read more about data security and the Toolkit, and the mobile device questions at:

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