Cancelling Smartcards or changing site

Cancelling Smartcards or changing site

If a Smartcard is no longer required, for example a member of staff has left, the pharmacist or pharmacy manager should advise the local Registration Authority prior to a user leaving an organisation. The Registration Authority will then need to follow the appropriate process.

Changing pharmacy

All pharmacy staff will be registered linked to ODS codes of the pharmacy sites where they operate the service on a regular basis. The exception to this model is the case of community pharmacists/dispensing technician locums who may need to work within many community pharmacies at short notice. In such cases, they will also have a user role profile registered against a generic organisation ODS code for a “locum pharmacy” that allows them to operate the system from any pharmacy.

If the pharmacy ODS code changes all users need to have the new ODS code added to their profile. Historically RA Managers had been able to add on the new ODS code before the removal of the old ODS code to aide transition.

To minimise the disruption caused by changes in ODS codes, a new ODS code should only be requested when a change of ownership occurs and the contractor buys out a business on a non debts and liabilities basis (i.e. the outgoing contractor requires payment for all items dispensed up to the date of sale). Further information: Allocation of ODS Codes.

The pharmacy staff moving onto another pharmacy or other organisation should keep their Smartcard and have the new pharmacy assigned to their Smartcard following contact with their RA.

Closing a pharmacy

See section above which explains staff may keep Smartcards where they may work in another pharmacy. Staff may have the deactivated closed pharmacy ODS code removed from their Smartcard before or after they have started to work at another pharmacy.

Cancelling cards for staff leaving healthcare

Leavers with no intention of returning to an organisation in the near future, where a Smartcard is required to access NHS CRS compliant applications, for example users having a change of career or those retiring for good, should have their Smartcard and its certificates revoked. Similarly the RA can be informed about the death of Smartcard holder.

The RA must be contacted, and they will use the relevant leaflet.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What action is to take place following the death of a Smartcard holder?

A. Where a pharmacy becomes aware that a member of staff has passed away and the deceased  held a Smartcard that was linked to that pharmacy, the pharmacy team at that Organisation could contact the RA so they can take the necessary action and halt the access of the user on the system and cancel the Smartcard.

Q. What is the process if my surname changes (e.g. marriage)? Do I need a new Smartcard?

A. Your existing card may have your old name printed on it, therefore if so the card should be reprinted. Your number (UUID) will remain the same following any changes.

Any changes to core identity attributes on your card: Name, Date of Birth or National Insurance Number need to go through a check similar to that needed to obtain a Smartcard i.e. a face to face check with a person holding an RA function (RA Agent or ID Checker) and appropriate documentary evidence will be needed (i.e. marriage certificate or other legal document).

In practice some areas may remotely print the replacement card which would then be sent to the organisation which will require to be unlocked prior to use.

Contact your RA to ask for details about the process which is involved in your area.

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