Temporary Access Cards

Temporary Access Cards

Each Registration Authority (RA) has processes in place to grant the temporary access to NHS CRS applications including EPS Release 2. Contact your RA to find out what local arrangements are in place for temporary access to EPS Release 2.

Temporary Access Cards

NHS Digital previously issued guidance for pharmacy teams recommending that those with few Smartcard users within the team consider action in case a Smartcard is lost or stolen. Pharmacy teams that consider themselves at risk should discuss Temporary Access Cards (TACs) with their local Registration Authority (RA) team.

TACs are ‘blank’ Smartcards with a pre-defined set of access rights. In the event that a Smartcard is lost or stolen, they can be activated by the Smartcard sponsor or Local Smartcard Administrator in conjunction with the pharmacy team member who needs the TAC activating.

Normal Smartcard processes apply:

  • Report lost/stolen Smartcards to your RA as soon as possible;
  • Securely store your TACs;
  • After a TAC has been used, restore it to a blank state once the pharmacy team member has received a permanent replacement card.

Pharmacy teams with a single handed pharmacist and no support staff, should also contact their RAs to identify what other options may be available to ensure business continuity and continued access in the event of a lost/stolen Smartcard.

The custodian of the TAC within the pharmacy organisation should make a record of who makes use of the TAC in the event that it is used.

Smartcard software transition completed

NHS Digital updated the software used by Smartcards during a transition back in February 2015. Self-service ‘Fallback Smartcards’ or ‘premises cards’ (which had been used by sites that had not yet upgraded to EPS Release 2) have no longer functioned since the switchover.

PSNC issued a briefing on the issue here: Smartcard software transition.



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