Identity checks (Smartcards)

Identity checks (Smartcards)

From time to time (such as when Smartcards are issued or at appropriate renewal periods) the Registration Authorities (RAs) or others may be involved with facilitating identity checks using the following five steps:

i. Face-to-face meeting

Practical arrangements differ across the country, in some areas RA agents are visiting pharmacies or attending local events such as LPC meetings and in other areas, there is a need to visit a local RA office. PSNC is encouraging RAs to work closely with LPCs to ensure that the arrangements are fair and manageable for all contractors in a locality.

ii. ID documentation or information to prove identity 

Those registering for a Smartcard for the first time must provide three forms of ID (photo and non-photo), including proof of address.

The same identity check standards apply after the Smartcard is issued if a later check is required. However, RAs should request information at appropriate intervals and with the aim of avoiding any disruption to pharmacy work e.g. only at the time a Smartcard is first provided and when the Smartcard renewal occurs. Automatic ‘Self renewal’ is possible every two-year renewal period but some RAs may opt for an additional identity verification at every third renewal (approx once every six years.).

PSNC has had it confirmed by the NHS Digital Access Control team that there is no requirement for National Insurance Number (NIN) to be provided as part of this process. Pharmacy staff may provide this information if they are asked, when identity checks take place. It can assist with the identity verification process. However, there are also alternatives to verify identity for those pharmacy staff that do not wish to disclose this NIN.

The Care Identity Service (CIS) enables for Smartcard user information to be enter at least two of three fields relating to passport, driving licence and NIN information.

iii. Identity confirmed by another person

Individuals must also have their details confirmed and application approved by another appointed individuals.

iv. Terms and conditions must be accepted

The user must confirm that they have understood the terms and conditions.

v. RA to check previous steps are completed

The RA staff will use the relevant leaflet.

The full registration process identity checks must satisfy government standard ‘e-GIF level 3’.

Frequency of identity checks

PSNC encourages RAs to avoid scenarios in which RAs re-ask any pharmacy staff for information which has already been provided.



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