Smartcard Care Identity Service guidance leaflet list

Smartcard Care Identity Service guidance leaflet list

NHS Digital maintain a series of leaflets at their webpage with Care Identity Service guidance leaflets

Many of these are intended for for Smartcard sponsors.

The leaflet for self-unlocking is here.

As of Jan 2018 the leaflets available were:

1. Updating ‘My Profile’
2. Search directory
3. Register a new user (RA)
4. Sponsor – Register a new user
5. Verify a user’s identity
6. Issuing a smartcard
7. Create access control position
8. Assigning access to a user (RA)
9. Sponsor assign access
10. Unlocking a smartcard
11. Assist renewal of certificates
12. Repair smartcard certificates
13. Destroy/cancel a smartcard
14. Workgroup management
15. Workgroup assignment
16. Manage requests
17. Generate reports
18. Batch management
19. Self service – registration and unlock process

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