PSNC Briefings: Contract and IT

PSNC Briefings: Contract and IT

As part of the support services it offers, PSNC often issues briefings to LPCs and pharmacy contractors. These briefings range from presentations to help LPCs and pharmacies to understand key areas of PSNC’s work, to updates and guidance on the new NHS environment and regulations.

The briefings PSNC has sent out in the past year on the pharmacy contract and IT are listed below or you can view older archived briefings at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions on the briefings, please contact the PSNC team member detailed in the briefing.

PSNC Briefing 050/21: Regulatory amendments in late 2021/early 2022

PSNC Briefing 045/21: Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Guidance for LPCs

PSNC Briefing 043/21: Resources to help update external stakeholders on pharmacy and the CPCF arrangements

PSNC Briefing 038/21: Older Smartcards and software reaching end-of life factsheet

PSNC Briefing 033/21: Pharmacy Access Scheme starting from January 2022

PSNC Briefing 022/21: Cyber security tips IT factsheet (from PSNC and NHSX)

PSNC Briefing 018/21: Pharmacy opening hours in the remainder of 2021 and in 2022

PSNC Briefing 017/21: Hub and Spoke dispensing

PSNC Briefing 015/21: Reshaping how health and care data is used (DHSC proposals)

PSNC Briefing 013/21: Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and healthcare IT factsheet

PSNC Briefing 012/21: CPAF screening process for 2021/22

PSNC Briefing 008/21: Completing the Data Security and Protection (IG) Toolkit 2020-21 (April 2021)

PSNC Briefing 005/21: Real Time Exemption Checking (RTEC) FAQs factsheet

PSNC Briefing 045/20: Regulatory and contractual dispensations agreed to assist contractors with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (Update March 2021)

PSNC Briefing 039/20: Using NHS Service Finder

PSNC Briefing 038/20: NHSmail accounts upgrade

PSNC Briefing 033/20: dm+d and EPS factsheet

PSNC Briefing 028/20: Pharmacy opening hours in 2021

PSNC Briefing 022/20: NHS Test and Trace – Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATED January2021)

PSNC Briefing 019/20: Emergency closure checklist for community pharmacy

PSNC Briefing 018/20: Summary of EPS-related forms and tokens

PSNC Briefing 014/20: Update about Local Health and Care Records (LHCRs)

PSNC Briefing 013/20: Smartcard Role and Activity codes and how to update them

PSNC Briefing 012/20: The national data opt-out system for patients, and how to complete the DSPTK opt-out question

PSNC Briefing 009/20: Upcoming clinical governance deadlines - actions to be completed by 31 March 2020

PSNC Briefing 006/20: An update about Patient Facing Services (‘online services’) and other app offerings

PSNC Briefing 003/20: Updating Smartcards for multi-site and Summary Care Record usage

PSNC Briefing 061/19: Completing the Data Security and Protection (IG) Toolkit 2019/20

PSNC Briefing 056/19: Smartcard service route factsheet (Updated 2021)

PSNC Briefing 055/19: Smartcard model overview factsheet

PSNC Briefing 050/19: Comparing standard SCR to SCR with Additional Information factsheet

PSNC Briefing 044/19: CP ITG: Preparing for Windows 10 end-of-life cycles (2021)

PSNC Briefing 025/19: Contract Factsheet – Pharmacy opening hours in 2020

PSNC Briefing 021/19: CPAF screening process for 2019/20

PSNC Briefing 016/19: EPS Controlled Drugs (CD) FAQs

PSNC Briefing 014/19: Data Security and Protection (IG) Toolkit FAQs Factsheet

PSNC Briefing 005/19: Key actions for pharmacy contractors to prepare for a no-deal exit from the EU

PSNC Briefing 004/19: Upcoming clinical governance deadlines – actions to be completed by 31 March 2019

PSNC Briefing 064/18: Completing the Data Security and Protection (IG) Toolkit 2018/19

PSNC Briefing 058/18: Getting ready for FMD – a quick guide for the pharmacy team (October 2018)

PSNC Briefing 038/18: Change of pharmacy circumstance guide: ODS codes and planning required should your ODS code change (updated 2022)

PSNC Briefing 036/18: Contract Factsheet – Pharmacy opening hours in 2019 (July 2018)

PSNC Briefing 034/18: Information and disclosure regulations (June 2018)

PSNC Briefing 032/18: CPAF screening questionnaire changes (June 2018)

PSNC Briefing 006/18: Using Care Identity Service (CIS) to better manage Smartcards factsheet (updated November 2019)

PSNC Briefing 005/18: Smartcard processes and tips factsheet (updated 2020)

PSNC Briefing 001/18: Upcoming clinical governance deadlines – actions to be completed by 31 March 2018

PSNC Briefing 086/17: Features of higher quality health apps and how to give app feedback (updated 2021)

PSNC Briefing 072/17: Pharmacy EPS costs and benefits study: key points for community pharmacy contractors (September 2017)

PSNC Briefing 071/17: Pharmacy EPS costs and benefits study: key points for community pharmacy teams (September 2017)

PSNC Briefing 070/17: EPS Prescription Tracker new Business Continuity Mode feature (September 2017)

PSNC Briefing 060/17: Equality Act 2010 – a quick reference guide (August 2017)

PSNC Briefing 058/17: How to complete the NHSmail registration process (updated 2021)

PSNC Briefing 054/17: How to get more out of your connection and HSCN (2020)

PSNC Briefing 053/17: Ten steps to help improve data and cyber security within your pharmacy (Updated January 2021)

PSNC Briefing 052/17: Planning and setting pharmacy access to Local health and shared care records (updated May 2021)

PSNC Briefing 051/17: Clinical audit: LABA bronchodilator being used as monotherapy for the treatment of asthma without a corticosteroid inhaler (August 2017)

PSNC Briefing 046/17: Contract Factsheet - Pharmacy opening hours in 2018 (July 2017)

PSNC Briefing 036/17: Regulation 26A Consolidations (June 2017)

PSNC Briefing 023/17: Summary Care Record (SCR) implementation checklist factsheet (updated for 2020)

PSNC Briefing 020/17: PSNC’s guidance to contractors on whistleblowing (updated)

PSNC Briefing 012/17: Upcoming clinical governance deadlines – actions to be completed by 31 March 2017

PSNC Briefing 010/17: Updated NHS Identity Guidelines – NHS logo use by pharmacies (February 2017)

PSNC Briefing 005/17: The Pharmacy Access Scheme – the review process closes at the end of February 2017

PSNC Briefing 001/17: Social media guide for community pharmacy teams and LPCs (January 2017)

PSNC Briefing 076/16: How GPs and pharmacies can work together on EPS business continuity (December 2016)

PSNC Briefing 075/16: EPS pharmacy and GP checklist – working together (December 2016)

PSNC Briefing 074/16: Update on NHS Digital’s work-plan (December 2016)

PSNC Briefing 070/16: Essential EPS Checklist Part 2 of 2 (December 2016)

PSNC Briefing 066/16: Essential EPS Checklist Part 1 of 2 (November 2016)

PSNC Briefing 034/16: EPS nomination – core principles (updated 2020)

PSNC Briefing 032/16: NHS fraud checking notification (June 2016)

PSNC Briefing 031/16: Does your team know how to manage Smartcards? (June 2016)

PSNC Briefing 024/16: Reporting NHS IT and EPS issues (2021)

PSNC Briefing 019/16: Summary Care Record (SCR) implementation checklist (March 2016)

PSNC Briefing 015/16: Update on EPS Phase 4 (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 014/16: Advice on dealing with Smartcard issues (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 013/16: The EPS Service model (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 012/16: Update on Patient Facing Services (PFS) (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 011/16: The NIB’s work promoting a paperless and interoperable NHS (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 010/16: The NIB and health apps (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 009/16: The National Information Board (NIB) (February 2016)

PSNC Briefing 008/16: EPS factsheet - Reconcile EPS prescription figures (updated 2021)

PSNC Briefing 003/16: Contract Factsheet - Pharmacy Opening Hours (January 2016)

PSNC Briefing 001/16: Equality Act 2010 (January 2016)

PSNC Briefing 055/15: Dealing with problems arising from the ‘Direction of Prescriptions’ poster (October 2015)

PSNC Briefing 052/15: Update on the NHS medicines database (dm+d) (September 2015)

PSNC Briefing 043/15: SCR access in the media: Responsive lines for LPCs and pharmacy teams (August 2015)

PSNC Briefing 039/15: Accessible information standard (July 2015)

PSNC Briefing 023/15: Providing pharmacy services at a distance (April 2015)

PSNC Briefing 021/15: Submission of emergency supply audit results to NHS England (April 2015)

PSNC Briefing 009/15: Promotion of Pharmacy premises (February 2015)

PSNC Briefing 008/15: Directions of Prescriptions (February 2015)

PSNC Briefing 005/15: March 2015 Drug driving legislation change (February 2015)

PSNC Briefing 003/15: Smartcard software transition (February 2015)

PSNC Briefing 034/14: Reporting patient safety incidents to the NRLS (December 2014)

PSNC Briefing 022/14: EPS R2 Nomination update for LPCs (October 2014)

PSNC Briefing 001/14: Repeat Dispensing and EPS (January 2014)

PSNC Briefing 115/13: A brief guide to NHSmail (December 2013)

PSNC Briefing 112/13: NHS England’s Direct Commissioning Assurance Framework (December 2013)

PSNC Briefing 109/13: Information: To Share or not to Share - Government Response to the Caldicott Review (December 2013)

PSNC Briefing 105/13: Guide to NHS Standard Policies and Procedures (November 2013)

PSNC Briefing 101/13: A Guide to the Rural Working Group (October 2013)

PSNC Briefing 097/13: Market Entry Regulations (September 2013)

PSNC Briefing 095/13: Direction of Prescriptions (September 2013)

PSNC Briefing 091/13: NHS Complaints Procedure (September 2013)

PSNC Briefing 084/13: The Equality Act 2010 (August 2013)

PSNC Briefing 079/13: Changes in NHS organisational responsibilities in relation to NHS IT: Update (July 2013)

PSNC Briefing 044/13: A summary of the Caldicott Review on information governance (May 2013)

PSNC Briefing 015/13: IT Transition Planning (February 2013)

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