PSNC Briefing 015/13: IT Transition Planning (February 2013)

PSNC Briefing 015/13: IT Transition Planning (February 2013)

This briefing is part of a series issued regularly by PSNC to inform LPCs of developments about NHS organisational responsibilities in relation to NHS IT.

Until March 31st 2013, PCTs undertook a range of tasks that supported pharmacies in accessing and using national NHS IT applications. On the 1st April 2013, responsibility for supporting pharmacies in using these services was transferred to NHS England (formerly NHS Commissioning Board). Responsibility for NHS IT projects will fall across a number of organisations including the Area Team, CSUs and CCGs.

Some EPS support functions, particularly the issue of tokens and the issue and maintenance of smartcards are business critical. In some areas of the country, transition planning is at an advanced stage with continuity likely, however, in other areas, there is a risk that gaps in support will appear following PCTs being abolished and support services being established within the organisational structures which have replaced PCTs.

Taking into consideration local circumstances, each LPC needs to individually consider the value of recommending that pharmacies ensure they have sufficient dispensing tokens to cover anticipated gaps in service as well as to review whether sufficient staff members in the pharmacy have functioning smartcards to cover any contingencies where changes are still on-going.

This briefing includes:

  • A high level summary (s) of the transition arrangements for NHS IT projects.
  • Guidance for LPC regarding how pharmacy contractors can be engaged locally.
  • An action checklist for LPCs on these issues.

This briefing can be downloaded from here: Briefing for LPCs NHS IT Transition Planning

For more information or queries on this briefing please contact Daniel Ah-Thion, EPS Lead.

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